Allergic to razors?

I have a machine called a “Silk-Epil”. It’s a hair clipper, not a razor, and is not to be confused with an Epilady. I’ve seen the Epilady, and it is evil. Anyway, I use this because I seem to be unable to use any kind of razor on my legs. I have tried every razor on the market, for men and women. I have tried shaving cream, moisturizers, shaving in the shower, shaving in the tub. I have tried gripping the razor this way and that. and holding my leg at certain angles or clenching my calf muscles, but I always cut myself, and usually get razor burn. Now I use this machine, and I haven’t shed a drop of blood since. Anyway, I think it’s really not me; my skin must be in some way…allergic can’t be the right word, but it must be incompatible with razors. Can this be possible?

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together.
—Red Green

You may be allergic to the actual metal in the razor itself.

I remember readign something about some guys bveing allergic to the certain properties of razor blades (some were aluminum zinc alloys)
Read up on the subject and you may find that you are indeed allergic to certain kinds of metals.

Or maybe simply you have not figured out how to shave yet :slight_smile:

or When in doubt…Nair it

or wax it (ouch)

Well, Heath, I’m 29, and I’ve been shaving since I was 11. Plus, I didn’t always have this problem; it’s only been in the last few years.
I should have mentioned that I have tried Nair, and its cousin, Neet. Neet didn’t work at all, and Nair only worked the first time. Waxing in a salon is out of my price range; waxing at home is time consuming, messy, and doesn’t get every hair. Bleaching is a cry from the past, and wouldn’t work on my copious dark hair anyway. I’m going to go with your metal allergy theory, and recommend the Silk-Epil to all the females here.

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together.
—Red Green