Alley Oop needs the reprint treatment

Oop was never one of my top favorite among ancient newspaper strips, but recently one of his time travel stories has been posted on a Facebook site for such stuff, and I have to say it leaves me wanting more. The art, of course, is top notch, and the story moves right along. I would never expect all of AO to be reprinted, but a big volume from his best years would be welcome.

The new version is on Comics Kingdom.
A facebook page, “The comics appreciation (society? Group?)” has run some of the old ones, which are much better.

It says “photo not available”. What was it supposed to be?

Perhaps you need to join the page. Heck if I know. The link works for me, and I joined the page. Old Alley Oop is pretty cool.

Doesn’t work for me, either.

The Comic Strip Appreciation Group on Facebook.

Looks like you have to join the group to see anything.

Which I am now trying to do.

I’m gonna join as soon as my FB time out is over. I got 30 days for posting the picture of My Pillow guy where the pillow was a nazi flag. That violated their “standards” :roll_eyes:

Look what I found.