Helo dopers. I am just wondering what the Average American thinks of the Grafitee that has been published in certain news papers and shown on the the international news stations, allegedly from american servicemen aimed at Royal Marines in Afganistan. I always thought and still like to believe that our respective forces got on quite well with just a bit of banter. But i find it hard to stomach that the american soldiers ect, do not apreciate the fact the the UK and commonwealth was one of the few countries willing to lay down lives to help the war on terror. I still think we are needed but find this a bit of a kick in the teeth.

Can you provide examples/cites of the graffiti?

I am very sorr i cant provide an exact site but skynews and the bbc should have examples. I read it in a british paper. It was mainly derogatory of the royal family and GB in general.

I saw the reports too - but I think it was just typical-army-boys-taking-the-piss stuff.

According to the news item I saw, the following had been scrawled on a toilet wall by an American soldier:
“Here’s some crap for the Brits. No Brits here anyway, all out hiding”

A Brit had written underneath:
“Good luck guarding these toilets for us. Guess it takes al 3,000 of you to do it.”

Sounds like banter to me!

Found a cite! Woohoo!

Note: it’s from the Daily Mirror, a lefty paper. They put a different spin on it than the reports I saw - they make out that the Brits and Americans are at each other’s throats.

However, I think anyone reading it without getting sucked into the tabloid hype will see that its a lot about nothing really: just the usual army stuff. Nothing to get upset about - each side seems to give as good as it gets. (Actually, I reckon the Brits have left the wittiest graffiti ;).)


That’s the word I was looking for! Well done, that Doper.

Hah. I’ve seen worse insults thrown between different battalions of the same brigade.

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