US Troops banned from visiting London

Further to this article in todays Times newspaper, all US service personnel in the UK are banned from visiting London.

I understand the desire to keep your troops safe, but what kind of message does this send to the terrorsists, particlularly inline with the view of Brits that it’s business as usual.

This is in direct opposition to Sir Ian Blair, head of the Metropolitan Police in London whose advice is


What do others here think? Is this an overreaction, will it play into the terrorsists hands and encourage them?

It should be pointed out that it’s not all personnel, just those from two adjacent bases.

But, dear me, how silly. How very very silly.

Also in the Times today there is a picture (which I presume is from the American military) showing a GI the American and British flags and the words This Marine is not afraid and we stand with our British brothers and sisters Perhaps they should of added** unless it’s in London, then you’re on your own**

The tourist industry and the rest of the country stabbed in the back. Some ‘Special Relationship’ huh? I damn well expect Bush to over-turn this forthwith.

For those who know better, it won’t send any kind of message at all. The military will often impose travel restrictions on its members, or place certain areas off limits. As an example, when I was on normal liberty in the Navy (meaning off for the evening or the weekend) I couldn’t travel more than fifty miles away from the ship without direct permission.

The British needn’t worry that the service members won’t be spending their money in Britain. They will, they’ll just be spending it in shops and pubs closer to Lakenheath and Mildenhall.

You int bin t’Milden’ll, ave ya, boy?

(It’s hardly the retail and nightlife capital of the world. Or indeed of Suffolk.)

It’s not about the money, it’s about the message it sends to the terrorists.

I think you of the right idea.

And to Londoners, and to the people in the US.

I understand the reasons for this ban and that it is normal procedure. I just think it’s a big error.

The ban has now been lifted.

Just another case of ‘friendly fire’ i guess… It pains me to admit that I’ve slowly become desensitised to it, i just couldn’t reach the level of outrage the papers wanted me too.

Finally a victory for common sense.

I wonder if the “Bird In Hand” pub is still open at Mildenhall. It was the first place I ever saw a wet t-shirt contest live. It was also my first experiance with Carlsburg Special Brew. I don’t remember how that night ended…
U.S.A.F. E4 Mac Guffin*, R.A.F. Lakenheath, '84-'86.

*[sub] Not my real name [/sub]

Is this the place?

“…This is a trouble free, female friendly pub…”

Clearly it’s changed a bit since Mac Guffin was there!

Translation: While our airmen must be ready to go into a war zone at any time, London is far too dangerous for them. :rolleyes:

Well, they have to say that, don’t they? Otherwise the women won’t come. :wink:

I spent three months there one week. :smiley: Seriously, though, I spent “English summer” (three weeks in June) there about five years ago. We went into London every weekend, and even though it sets you back a little scratch, it’s about eight million times more fun than the hip, swinging pubs of East Anglia – the “Bird in Hand” being a notable exception, but also having somewhat more limited seating than, say, Leicester Square.

This directive sounds like it was handed down by a colonel or a general who still doesn’t realize he’s in a different country. I say send our boys in. They’re more aware of their surroundings than the average civilian, they have some first aid training, and their presence is reassuring. And don’t tell me there’s a “credible threat” now when the CIA couldn’t be bothered to discover the threat beforehand. Al Qaeda’s m.o. is several high-profile attacks at once – have we ever seen them do a follow-up attack?

We didn’t tell our military to stay out of New York and DC after 9-11. We send a really counterproductive message (and engage in the worst kind of Blue Falcon* behavior) by telling our people “Don’t be afraid! Just act afraid.” It makes me pretty pissed, especially when the Mayor of D.C. rode the Metro to calm people down here after 7-7.

  • “Blue Falcon” = “Buddy F***ing”

Just thought I would let you guys/gals know that there is a pit threat going about this issue.