Alliteration's always acceptable

Liken leading letters. Intensify innuendo. Post proudly?

intensify innuendo?

where could one wish to witness such risible wiseness?

…and yes, I know it’s wisdom - wiseness meshes with risible just so much more neatly!

Enough explanation! Post properly, putz!

Martiju might’ve mostly misinterpreted main message’s meaning, methinks. Strictly speaking, sequential sentence segments should start similarly.

Cat-like curiosity caused a click on this communication.

curiousity can cause cat corpses.

Clearly ChiefScott cannot condone casual computer cohort’s careless correspondences. C’mon, comrades! Choose construction carefully! Compliance can circumvent cruel consequences. Contravention could cause ChiefScott conniptions.

such silly shit…

Oi! Obscenity’s obviously out of order!

So sorry, sir!

Ah! But could Doper’s ever feel good having irreconcilable juxtapositions knotting lengthy messages? No! Our posts quests really should tackle uninformed vagueness. We x youthful zealousness.

Alliteration is always acceptable, but assonance is always awesome.

(Big Grin smiley omitted in deference to the owner of the thread.)

Sorry, successions of similar slightly sibilant sounds sometimes slip out.

Marvelous! Multiple mundane missives make me mellow. More meaningful messages might make me morose.

Grammar geeks greatly grok goofy games.

Why waste week working, when wondrous wordplay’s worth one’s while?

Can consonance count? Can co-horts create cantankerous cryptic conundrums? Could countless creative comments come continuously? Cripes!

Can cautious citizens catch colds? Could coffee cure chlamydia?

Inquiring intellects investigate intently. . .

One ornery, ostensible oaf.