Please remember to put smilies in your post

As many of you know, this message board was founded on the principles of rational discourse. That said, it appears that some participants occasionally imbue their posts with information that is less than accurate. Now some of these posters actually believe that what they sent was accurate, and towards them I have no gripe; after all, it is only in the crucible of learned discussion that the wheat can be separated from the chaff. Facts, too.

However, it seems that others posit items in their messages that are intentionally false, or state opinions that they do not actually hold, as a “joke”. Now, in spoken conversation, when someone uses sarcasm, they can indicate this in their intonation or body language.

But here, on the Internet, neither your voice nor your body is hearable or viewable, unless you are on one of those websites I see in my email “inbox”. With this new paradigm of communication via text, there are no cues available to the reader to recognize irony. This is why the smiley faces (e.g., the viking smiley 3:-) were created when the Internet was invented in 1994.

With these new cues, it is now possible to determine when the writer is being intentionally facetious, but only when they make the effort to use the appropriate smiley face. If not, we might as well be back in the nineteenth century, for all we can recognize sarcasm in text.

Thank you for “listening” to my modest proposal. I hope you will take it to heart.

Oh man, where’s ChiefScott at a moment like this?

:: diving for cover ::


Non-smilie users should evacuate the SF Bay area.

a flight of F/A 18s???

Hiya Chiefy!

does that mean I can excuse all my pretend knowledge with smilies? woo-hoo. pretending to be a genius, here I come :smiley:

Um… Sorry <b>Zelley</>, could you speak up? I can’t hear ya.

Oh, yeah. It’s been a loooong time since I’ve bolded a name…

A valiant effort, though, Chief. You very nearly got some of that coding right. [insert winking smiley here, if you so desire].

Re: The OP - So, is it okay if I make a joke and suffix it with :frowning: ? I would think that’s even more confusing than leaving it smiley-less.

Maybe I should have finished:

I hope this clears up any confusion.


Ah, Chiefy. I still get all tickled when I think about our attempt to award you with the title “Smiley Master.”

Heh heh heh.

Punoqllads, you give people too much credit.

MODEST PROPOSAL. Think swiftly, baby-eating smilie users.


:frowning: :stuck_out_tongue: :mad: ;j

:cool: :dubious: :rolleyes: :cool: :smack: :frowning:



He who pubishes his GPS coordinates in his profile would do well to avoid riling up ChiefScott. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have access to cruise missiles, but I’m not positive. Best be safe.

You have entirely too much free time on your hands, son.

At least 50% of my posts are sarcastic and/or joking. I almost never use smilies in such cases. To do so ruins the joke, in my opinion. If the comment isn’t recognizable as a joke from context, then it’s failed. Following every remark with a :slight_smile: just doesn’t carry the same impact.

Plus, ChiefScott scares me.

Those coordinates aren’t for my house, but the center of town. So the cruise missiles would hit a Starbucks or something. That wouldn’t be so bad, but there’s a good sushi restaurant next door that I would miss.

I work at a call center where I have nothing to do between calls, which are sometimes infrequent. So yeah, I do have a lot of free time.

Hey, they might be to my house, but I wasn’t trying to rile up the guy. Consider it the invoking of a demi-god or something.

No Chief, I’m not trying to kiss up.