Allow me to introduce myself

Greetings all,

I’ve been an extremely long term lurker, having kept an eye on these boards for about 8 years, but for various reasons have been unable to post, so now that I am able to come forth I thought I would take the chance to introduce myself.

I’m a 38 year old male, living in Maryland on the outskirts of DC. I’m Married to a wonderful woman. I have a PhD in statistics and am putting it to use analyzing high dimensional genetic data for the National Institutes of Health. Politically I’m quite liberal, and in terms of religion I tend towards atheism, so fit the standard prototypical doper.

I imagine I will hang out primarily in the Great Debates, BBQ pit and GQ. I mostly prefer to listen rather than talk, hence the 8 year silence, and I may not have too much time to provide timely responses, but I’ll try to keep up with any comments I do make.

So here I am out of the closet at last


Buck Godot

Welcome to the board, Buck Godot!

Wow! Some GREAT credentials, and it surprises me that you have kept silent for so long because of those credentials!

And you go right ahead and hang out in GD, and the Pit! :slight_smile:

I’ll just look for you in GQ, okay?:wink:

Again, welcome!


You sound like you should be posting a lot more around here. :slight_smile:

We’ve been waiting for you!

Three minutes. Ya beat me by three lousy minutes.

And welcome new dude.

Is that Buck as in Mulligan?

What’s high dimensional genetic data? I’m a biologist, so I have some guesses, but I would like to hear more about it.


Guess I’m chopped liver! ;):slight_smile:


I think he’s working on raising an army of Godzillas, supported by a Mothra air force, to take over the world. We should have a betting pool on whether he succeeds before the Mayans kill us in a couple years. I’ll hold the money…

Sorry Quasi. I didn’t see an obvious Waiting for Godot reference in your post. Also don’t know the play very well. Read it. Hated it. Watched it performed live. Hated it more. Was later asked to run the light board for it. Made stabby face and growled. Did it anyway. Hated the show to infinity. Still trying to block the memories. But ya don’t get a chance to drop that sort of trivial reference just every day, so I was saving it for the right moment…and sadly, arrived too late.


My money’s on evil clones.

Thanks for the welcome. I’ll try to live up to expectations.
Buck Godot is one of my favorite comic book characters (see

Regarding high dimensional genetic data, I deal with such things as gene expression data in which we measure which gene in a given patient sample are being expressed as RNA and so are active in a given sample. There are generally thousands of such measurements for each sample, and you generally have maybe few dozen samples whose behavior you are attempting to model. So with many more variables than samples the statistics become somewhat interesting.


I understand some of those words. I’ll just put you down for “Science/Gene Stuff Guy” in my [del]list of potential minions[/del] er, file cabinet. Yeah. File Cabinet.

Hello Buck Godot. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay.

Ya’ know? I was thinking about Waiting… but since he calls himself “Buck” Godot, I didn’t mention it.

Then, when marley23 wrote his comment, I was completely whooshed! I thought Buck was a friend of his and he(marley23) was waiting on him to sign on!

How’s THAT for a short attention span?



Eight years? I’m impressed. I only lurked for two.

Welcome to the Dope. Don’t mind the squid, he’s just trying to be friendly.

Hey, neighbor! You’re in spitting distance of me! Don’t worry, though, I won’t prove it. Welcome!

What does this mean?

His keyboard was broken

Welcome, Neighbor!

Can I get a ride? :slight_smile: