Allow me to turn your alarm off for you

My neighbours’ house alarm is going off right now!!

It has a particularly annoying whine that my cats evidently hate as they both came running in when it started!

I know no-one is breaking into their house because -

a) I checked
b) It was going off (again for no reason) when I came home tonight.

I am glad I am about to go out, but if it still going when I get home - I am going to have to do something!!!

The idiot next door to me in the dorms has this nasty habit of not being in the room when her alarm goes off. This happens a LOT. Often times, I’m awake anyway, so it’s not that big a deal. But on multiple weekend mornings I’ve called and had Public Safety key into her room to turn it off. One of these days I hope they make like Chief Wiggum on the Auto-Dialer 5000.

Heh. One of my friends was rooming with a bunch of buddies, and someone from one of the nearby units had a rather sensative car alarm that would go off anytime someone got any closer than two feet. And, owner of said car was out of town. Beee-beeeeep-beeooowwwwweeeepp. Over and over and over and over.

So what they’d do? Rig up something like a ‘drunken bird’ so that something would keep moving in and out of the alarm’s sensor range. It was pure hell for awhile, but eventually the car’s battery ran down and there was quiet in the area once more. :smiley:

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Good rant. I agree completely.

Yesterday I saw a car being towed, with its alarm blaring. Now please, people, if you’re not going to come out even if the damn thing is being towed, what’s the point in having the alarm anyway? Geez.

I like the note-on-a-page-of-address-labels idea.

Oh the honkers… I had neighbors where I used to live who would have someone show up at their house just about every mother flipping day at around 1:00 am and pull into the neighbor’s driveway, which happened to share it’s south border with my prtoperties’ north border, with their music playing at Who Concert levels (Although lacking a shred of the talent involved in a Who show) and lay on the horn until someone would come out. My solution? Well, as luck would have it, I am am amateur radio operator… I have a VHF radio that puts out a fair amount of power, and I also have a home made 12 element directional antenna for VHF… And I have a test tone generator… And my neighbor’s visitor has hearing loss… Guess he should have shielded his speaker wires instead of his spark plugs…

I’ve called the cops for car alarms that won’t shut off, particularly in the middle of the night when they wake the entire neighborhood up.

There’s a giant SUV in the parking lot behind my building that has an overly-sensitive alarm; it goes off several times a day. It doesn’t stay on long, but it’s still annoying as hell at 2am. One of these days I’m going to stop by the lot, get the license number, and leave a note saying that if something isn’t done, I’m going to start calling the cops and reporting them.

My personal favorite are the talking alarms. I woke up one night because it sounded like a SWAT team had my next door neighbor’s house surrounded. A voice obviously from a PA:


Needless to say, a cat had gotten a bit too close to the pick up. After a couple of more warnings, lights started flashing, horns started honking, then:


What was particularly curious, though, was that while the porch lights of every house of the block went on so we could all see what “being tampered with” looked like, the idiots next door never woke up!

And it didn’t scare off the cat either.

a) Slide jimmy-device around margin of window, setting alarm off.
b) Unlock car door with burglar’s device.
c) Open car door. Sit in driver’s seat.
d) Let car alarm keep running for another full minute.
e) Step out of car. Look around for neighbors at windows. On seeing one, face window and…
f) Shout as loud as you can, “It’s not my car. I don’t know how to turn the damn thing off!”
g) Climb back into car. Pop hood.
h) Disconnect alarm wires under hood, or trace to where they diverge and disconnect there.
i) Shout, “Sorry. I hate these damn things. Bloody nuisance.”
j) Kick car twice Slam hood loudly.
k) Get into car. Use burglar’s device #2 to unlock steering wheel and remove Club thingie.
l) Hotwire car.
m) Drive off.

I thought this thread was about people (such as myself) who needs their alarm clocks set at OhMyDawgThat’sFuckingLoud levels wherein people (such as myself) inadvertantly wake every neighbor in the building.

my bad. :wink:

Lots of people have to fit alarms to their cars or premises to get insurance. This is a hangover from when such alarms and equally useless crap like passive inra-red (PIR) systems came in, and insurance companies figured it was yet another way they could wriggle out of paying people (“Please see section xvii. of sub-section D37/B where it says an approved XYZ category alarm device must be fitted… yada yada… we’re not paying”).

So in some cases at least, the people paying to have these infernal engines of hell torture fitted know they’re no good, and we should blame the stupid people who create insurance policies. Then again, insurance companies are just thieves by another name, so you’re aiding the criminals whether you fit an alarm or not.

Also in some cases, people have these alarms fitted to their car, know that they are waaaay too sensitive, try to get the company repsonsible to make the adjustments, and get nowhere. I saw an example on TV once where a man had taken his car back about 6 times trying to get the alarm adjusted (it went off spontaneously all the time, even when he was driving the car) and got nowhere until the TV consumer rights programme got involved.

Oh, and file this under ‘You’d think it couldn’t get any worse’. I sympathise with all the long-suffering folk in this thread, but get this. I live not far from a cheap two-bit self-employed mechanic who does a lot of work fitting or tampering with people’s car alarms. He’s probably the world’s worst car mechanic (I’ve used his services once, never again), so obviously any job involving a car alarm produces hour after hour of ‘false alarms’ while he tries and repeatedly fails to get the job done correctly. That, plus often when fools have left their car for him to work on, they neglect to tell him about the alarm or how to switch it off, so while he works on the car the WA-woo WA-woo just keeps on going. The only good thing is that he doesn’t work at night, but for various reasons I often work late and try to get some sleep during the day. Not a chance… WA-woo WA-woo WA-woo!

I think it should be legal for anyone whose sleep has been disturbed at night by a rogue alarm to treat the owner to an enforced burglar alarm enema. Why do we never get this kind of legislation? This is supposed to be a democracy, where the people get what they want. Well, we all want it… so when?

It would appear you made a MissTake

bah dum dum

I swear, my epitaph (sp?) is going to say “What did I do now?”