"Almost Famous" question (non-spoiler)

This is a great movie if you haven’t seen it, but I have a question about something. One of the characters is listing the reasons he doesn’t like “Rolling Stone” magazine, he and makes the following three charges (to the best of my memory):

  1. They trashed “Layla”
  2. They caused Cream to break up
  3. They panned every album Led Zeppelin ever made

My questions: what exactly did “Rolling Stone” do to cause Cream to break up? And does anyone know of any links to those original album reviews? I think they’d make for fascinating reading.


Amazingly enough, Rolling Stone appears to keep all their back reviews online. Here’s the page for Cream:


Wow, I just read the review for Led Zeppelin’s first album (one of my faves for the era). It’s got such quotes as:



and concludes with

But back to the OP, it looks like they liked the second Zep album beginning with this: