Aloha! Escaping the snow for a week

Thanks to the great ideas a few weeks ago on where to go and what to see during our visit to Hawaii. Manyof the suggestions match perfectly with what our resident tour guides have in mind. Looking forward to a great week!

Razorette and I spent today on a pontoon boat anchored just off a sandbar in the middle of Kaneohe Bay on Oahu’s northeast shore. We’re visiting our son and his wife for a week. We soaked up the sun, downed a few beers, picked up some loose pieces of coral and watched some guys fish for little hammerhead sharks, all against a spectacular, craggy-mountain backdrop.

Meanwhile, back home in Colorado? Oh, yeah, snow showers and 25 degrees.


Just remember: It’s kapu to take rocks back to the mainland.

Have fun!

[Sunrazor drops a piece of coral behind him, trying to ignore the little splash] Rocks? What rocks? I got rocks back home. Hey, look, a seashell!:cool:

Hey, wait a minute! My daughter-in-law tells me the “no rocks” applies pretty much only to lava, and that there’s not really a law. According to local legend, if you take lava rock back with you, you’ve “stolen” part of the female entity that is Hawaii, and she will wreak vengance in the form of bad luck.

Breaking off part of a coral formation is forbidden, but picking up pieces of loose coral is perfectly OK, although it does tend to piss off the locals who make a fortune in selling said loose coral to tourists.

I dunno – anybody have an authoritative answer?

Your daughter-in-law is correct.

And here, since this is the SDMB, is a cite.

Be sure to wear socks with your sandals. That always provides an in with the locals.