Alternate ending to Halo?

I just finished Halo on heroic mode, what a great game! Can someone tell me what the alternate ending to Halo is on legendary? Thanks. :smiley:

This probably belongs in Cafe Society, btw.

It’s not so much an alternate ending as an extra clip.

When the Pillar of Autumn begins to blow, there’s an external shot of the black sargeant struggling with an Elite over a weapon. They look toward the autumn and the sarge says “Well, I guess this is it…hold me” and they embrace. The Elite grabs his bottom too.

It’s amusing the first time, but it gets old after a few times. One of my favorite parts of the game is that last sequence driving the warthog through the ship (some people play solitaire, I play Halo), so I’ve seen that ending several times.

Mine as well. What’s your best time at the jeep run? As in, what’s the lowest you’ve let the clock run down to before leaving the elevator and still winning?

Mine is 3:45, but I’m positive 3:30 is possible.