Alternate meanings for SDMB smilies.

:smack: Goddamn mosquitoes!
:eek: Check out my sweet imitation of a Grey!
:confused:I guess I was supposed to rinse after washing my hair with egg whites…man, does it stink!
:frowning: I really have to poop.
:slight_smile: I have just pooped.
:cool: And so, because of the automated and irrevocable decision-making process which rules out human meddling, the Doomsday machine is terrifying and simple to understand… and completely credible and convincing.
:rolleyes: I need eye drops.
:wink: Always wear eye protection while using a string trimmer.
:o Why yes, I am into bukkake. Why do you ask?
:dubious:Highly illogical.
:smiley: Stereotypes built the trans-continental railway.
:mad: I hate stereotypes.

I want to have whatever you are having now.:smiley:

Yes. It isn’t polite to come to the thread high when you won’t share.

:smack: Let’s see: A … Z Y … E U W Q … M N D H P, no wait, P!
:eek: Good thing I’m a blue smiley instead of a black one.
:confused: Was it the … Queen of Hearts?
:rolleyes: Is that a spider up there?
:wink: … and Asian people blink like this. … Be sure to tip your waitress.
:o 'O Sole Mio …
:dubious: What makes you think I’m having a stroke?
:smiley: Seriously, what do you think? You can’t tell I have veneers, can you?
:mad: (Holding my breath until I get my way.)



:eek: Jennifer Carol Wilbanks running out of oxygen while giving a blowjob.

:cool: Patricia Krentcil, NJ tanning mom

Had to Google her, but that’s awesome.


I’ve heard the :o called “the blowjob smiley”. I, for one, would not know that was for embarrassment if the mouseover didn’t say so.

:p:( Dont lick frozen poles.

Awww … I don’t get the “Check out my sweet imitation of a Grey!” one in the OP. Lil’ help?

*** wanders off to Google Jennifer Carol Wilbanks ***

Ah, yes. Her. (Safe for work, folks, safe for work.)

Grey Alien.

Ah, thank you. Fighting ignorance every chance you get, eh?

:confused: I don’t know why I should use a flat iron on my hair
:eek: I fell on a potato while hanging curtains in the nude
:smack: See? I would rather stick pins in my eyes
:frowning: I am a depressed blueberry
:slight_smile: This is my STFU face
:stuck_out_tongue: I am Kermit. Underemployed, but still working
:dubious: Sponsored by the Hollywood Plastic Surgeons Association
:rolleyes: What, another grape thread?
:wink: Yes, eyebrow piercing can be DIY
:smiley: Og’s teeth!

Hold on a second. That was supposed to be “P, no wait R”. (Makes a bit more sense, doesn’t it?) Who’s been messing with my posts?

Tanning mom. Perfect. While we’re on the theme of 15 minutes of fame:

:dubious: McKayla Maroney

:rolleyes: Watch the skies!

Uh-uh. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

:mad: @$*& it, I forgot to put on sunscreen this morning!
:cool: So it turns out double eye-patches are not twice as cool as one.
:smiley: Look ma, no braces!