Alternatives to Cafe Press?

Okay, I’m with a group that has been using Cafe Press for a while . . . we’re not too happy with the shirts, not very good quality, high prices for what you get.

I see there’s a few more companies out there doing this sort of thing so it’s not just Cafe Press . . . have any of you used these other services? What did you like better? What worked for you, what didn’t work so well?

Optimally we’d probably want a storefront like we’ve had – but don’t want to pay more for it. (The group is way too small and sales are not sufficient to support going to real-life vendors – we also don’t want to tie up money in merchandise we might get stuck with.)

Don’t want to charge more money unless we get vastly better merchandise that would justify it – though the shirts are high enough now, I think. Might want to add some other items like coffee mugs, shot glasses, mouse pads, little novelty things like that. We’ve sold some other things over the years ranging from thongs to messenger bags but we’re not fixed on anything solid right now. What’s been good for you?

I’d appreciate hearing your real-life stories – success stories, I hope!


Do you want everything to be hands off? I got some great t-shirts printed once, and used paypal to set up my own store, and did fulfillment myself. But, alternate products would have been a huge hassle. offers a similar service, although I’m not sure about the storefront aspects of the operation.

Yeah, we need to just have a storefront with merchandise and they do all the making and shipping and etc.

We don’t want to buy all this stuff upfront and then not be able to move it – not a big company, not a lot of extra money, we have to be really careful about what we spend and how we spend it.

We don’t have a lot of fulfillment options except to go outside either – just not the facilities for it, really.

Zazzle 100%. Tons of options, great prices, very regularly sends out awesome coupon codes, you can set your own markup, etc.

You can have your own storefront type thing that shows all your stuff. I think they call it a gallery, but I’m too lazy to look.

I haven’t used the the site so I can’t endorse the quality or customer service, put does not charge to set up a storefront.

I’ve had really good experiences with Zazzle, both as a buyer and a seller.

I can’t say how the prices compare to Cafepress off the top of my head (this is mainly out of laziness, I admit).