Aluminum & Alzheimer's column - Cecil has a time machine?

Does exposure to aluminum cause Alzheimer’s disease?

“[A]ll these years later”? Does that refer to when the column was posted or what? :confused:

Whether or not he has a time machine, I happen to work specifically on Alzheimer’s Disease (Institute of Psychiatric Research, IU School of Medicine). Aluminum has pretty much been eliminated from the running as even a partial cause. Unfortunately, the popular press is always real big on trumpeting disaster and even bigger on ignoring “oh, we exaggerated some preliminary findings that the actual scientists never blew out of proportion the way we did, so never mind”.

What has been discovered of interest is that dietary cholesterol likely contributes to Alzheimer’s Disease, or at least to the buildup of amyloid plaque in the brain:

And there may be some evidence that copper plays a role in this:

But aluminum? Nope, not a suspect anymore.

Whatever the role of aluminum in Alzheimer’s disease I can’t imagine that it is totally harmless. Aluminum is a soft metal. It’s really a cinch to avoid it, even in deodorant. Why risk it?

That’s why we have people like Dogface doing research, rather than just taking an opinion pole. :rolleyes:

damit! poll

Jeff, to your point:

When the SD posts some of Cecil’s old columns on here, they wisely edit them slightly. So that first sentence was not in the original print article from 1983. Most of the rest of the column was transferred verbatim. The original is in The Straight Dope volume from the mid-1980’s.

They usually have an “updated” tag on those, though.

Actually, Cecil’s print column was reworked more than I first thought. Some was dropped, some was added. I should say that much of the wording was from the earlier print column.