Alyssa Milano mad that her podcast isn't as popular as Joe Rogan

Alyssa Milano tweeted recently about a lot of her personal grievances with the state of the country and politics, and among her rant was a statement that


It’s such a bizarre thing to bring up in an otherwise normal political rant I want to talk about it.

  1. Does she really have only 1/3rd the listeners of Joe Rogan’s podcast? Seems hard to believe since Joe Rogan’s podcast is a decade old and just had a 100 million dollar deal, while hers is seemingly only a year old and I never heard about it up until now.

  2. Why does only being a 3rd of as popular as the most popular podcast in the world a negative thing? It means you’re literally pulling in more listeners than 90% of podcasts.

  3. Why does Alyssa Milano think her podcast should be the most popular podcast in the world besides out of sheer ego? It’s not like there aren’t plenty of left wing political talk podcasts in Itunes Top 20 most listed podcasts lists, I feel people who agree with her views are probably already listening to Pod Save America or other podcasts of that ilk already in the Top 20.

She’s basically saying “and as bad as Joe Rogan’s podcast sucks, it still has 3x the listeners”. What I’m not sure is whether she’s trying to bash the content of Joe’s podcast, the mental ability of its listeners, or both.

What’s interesting to me is that Joe Rogan seems to be pretty far from today’s conservatives. As best as I can make out, he’s a socially liberal libertarian, or something along those lines.

he’s not any of those as far as anyone who listens to his show can discern. He’s a shit stiring, CT spouting, fan of Alex Jones. And the fact that he has any listeners at all is as big a condemnation of American society as anything.

Sure, but he sort of has a niche with weirdos on his show, and seems to be one himself.

That said, he’s not a Trumper, or really an alt-right type, even though he has them on his show, along with a host of other kooky types.

Showbusiness folks all have their heads up their Ass. It’s all one big giant pissing contest about popularity.

I went (many years ago) to a Shawn Colvin show and between every song would go into a rant about Britney Spears! It was embarrassing. Here was a woman who just won Song of the Year, and she’s bashing and bad-mouthing some teeny-bopper.

She sounds pretty entitled and desperate for relevance. Joe Rogan’s podcast is awesome. He pretty much let’s any weirdo on, he’ll have on conspiracy nut jobs and bigfoot hunters, ufologists and such, and sure he doesn’t call them on all their bullshit but that wouldn’t be as entertaining. But he also has on respected physicists, scientists, physicians, and researchers.

If they’re on Rogan’s show that automatically means they hold no respect in any field.

You obviously said that without even bothering to look.

Expert on Epidemiology he had on to talk about Coronavirus

A Stanford neurologist only 45, who has already made some cool contributions in his field

He’s had Neil Degrasse Tyson on who while not necessarily a heavyweight in his field is well respected for breaking down science for the public and making it popular.

He’s had hundreds, thousands of guests?, entomologists, fungus experts all kinds of people, seriously watch some of his podcasts.

Osterholm was a guest on Rogan’s show back in March. Does that disqualify him from having any respect in any field?

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Yes, it does.

Right so we can see we can go ahead and dismiss your opinion on the topic.

Joe Rogan supports Alex Jones.
If you enable the enabler then you deserve no respect.

Again you’ve mistaken “respect within a field” with “respect from you”, as much as you might protest, your thoughts and feelings are not the center of the universe, that echo out into the ether.

Aww burn.
You told me…

Hey you didn’t play the little girl in Commando by chance did you?

Now I want to see the left wing political review of Commando.

Hey they might like John Matrix, after all he eats green berets for breakfast.

from Yookeroo’s link:

I read this as “urologists and such” and thought, wow, that guy is really out there.

Before this thread, I only knew Rogan’s podcast for repeatedly having Peter Hotez M.D. on as a guest. Hotez is Dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine, a professor of Pediatrics and Molecular Virology & Microbiology and a staunch supporter of vaccination. Not exactly Alex Jones’ kind of guy.