Am I a fool for doing this? (MP3 Player related)

So, my MP3 player of choice is the Creative Zen Sleek Photo. I love it but it’s quite old, big for an MP3 player and doesn’t play videos. A few months ago I saw the updated model the Creative Zen MX was on sale so i bought it. when I got it home, I had some trouble getting my XP machine to acknowledge it was there but eventually it recognized it and I copied all my music to it. A few days later I wanted to add some new songs to it and I couldn’t get my PC to see it at all. I Googled and apparently this is a known issue. Over the next few days as I was trouble shooting this, eventually not only would my PC not see it, it just died. I couldn’t turn it on or use it.

I had enough so I returned it. The thing is, when it worked for those few days I really liked it. Since then I have bought a new Windows 7 PC and I am back in the market for an MP3 player because, ironically, now I can’t get my new PC to see my old MP3 player. I have looked a bit and as it stands, the Creative one really does seem like it would be the best for me so I ask, would I be a fool to try buying another one, hoping I have better luck with Windows 7? Not really looking for MP3 player suggestions, just wondering if anyone has bought a product, returned it and went back to it and had success. Also if anyone has that specific player can they confirm it works in Windows 7 (my research suggests it should be okay but I’m the guy that bought a dud so what do I know?)?

Statistically speaking, you’re no more likely to get a defective one this time just because you got one last time.