Am I a geek or is this f****g cool!

ATI can also do this sort of thing but I don’t remember how at the moment.

There’s always Cygwin - got it’s own free X server and everything. There are a few window managers available for it (I like windowmaker myself, but it’s not for everyone).

While I admit it IS cool, I always wonder, as I do with every program that can make itself or other program windows transparent, what’s the point? What purpose does have a partly-see through application serve? To me, it just makes them harder to see.

I don’t know about nvidia but with ATI it’s only the inactive windows that get the transparent treatment.

?? I thought everyone could do this ??

OK, no I didn’t. If you want to do it on a Mac, snag WindowShade X. More useful for the Terminal than for a web browser, btw.


How do you make it transparent? Will it work with any skin, or just the default one?