Am I a geek or is this f****g cool!

I just made Outlook transparent!
This is seriously fecking cool. I never knew I could do this. Courtesy of the nvidia nview thingy.
Pointless. But cool!

Screenshots! We want screenshots!

And yes, you are a geek. And yes, it is f***ing cool. :smiley:

I don’t get it. To me, this sounds like you made Outlook disappear. It’s still there, you just can’t see it. Which I suppose is interesting (invisibility has been sought after for centuries). But it makes it a lot tougher to use.

"That little ringing noise tells me that I just received an e-mail in Outlook.

I wonder what it says."


Standup Karmic does that answer your question?

That’s f***ing cool!

You’re a geek, and it f@%king cool! :smiley:

Is that the Deathstar? Cause I want it.

I must have it!! Can it do that with other apps? Can you adjust the transparency level? Details!! We must have details!!

Pete Townshend playing in the background, while we all join Roger Daltrey in singing

*I want it,

I want it,

I want it,

I want it…

I don’t care how much I pay…*

So far It’s worked on all apps I’ve tried it on except ones I’ve created myself using C++ Builder. The ‘nview options’ item doesn’t even appear for those.
On deeper investigation I can make the taskbar transparent also. I can choose the transparency level. I can add nview buttons to the title bar of every app.
I get the feeling this is just nvidia showing off. Good on them!

I had fun with this when I found it on the nvidia options. For about fiteen minutes. Then I realised it was actually really annoying.

The only thing I have transparent is Winamp. And that ability is built into the software anyway.

As I recall, this is possible because win2k / XP have some alpha-blending built in somwhere the other OS’s don’t - I don’t think it’s specific to nvidia. I think it’s kinda cool except that the text becomes semi-transparent too, making it tough to read.

For you linux geeks who like this sort of thing, there’s a terminal program called wterm that fakes its transparency by copying the desktop over which it’s placed as its background, and leaving the foreground opaque. I think it looks great. It’s for WindowMaker, but I’ve got it to run under KDE as well.

Hey! I can’t get that for Win98??? DAMMIT!

I want that new toy. It’s so… COOL!

Being a complete computer doofus…can I ask how you take a screenshot?

There’s a little utility called Vitrite which allows you to make any Win2K/XP window semi-transparent. Don’t think you need an nVidea card, although my PC does have one.

calm kiwi, just press Print Screen (PrtSc on my keyboard), or Alt-PrtSc for the current window only. Then you can paste the screenshot into any application.

You read the Dope in Outlook?

Browsers not good enough for you!?

Yep, you’re a geek and it is f**King cool! Something I missed when the took my UNIX box away at work was the multiple desktops, when we finaly got XP I found Virtual Desktop not perfect but it does the job!

Go to the desktop, hit ALT + Print Scrn at the same time. An image of the desktop is now in the clipboard. Startup paint (or whatever) Paste, bingo! Works in any window/application.

Well, I also thought that you meant invisible at first, but yes, it’s cool. Freezily cool! :slight_smile:

“…everyone’s seen that the trick was so clever!”

We use Hummingbird Exceed for that. 'Course, I don’t think it’s cheap…