Am I allowed to post a fundraiser link to The Trevor Project on the board?

Today I created a personal and team fundraising page for The Trevor Project, a 24/7 crisis intervention and suicide prevention center that provides care for LGBTQ youth through text, online chat, and phone.

Am I allowed to post a link to the fundraiser? And where would I put it?

If memory serves, this is the kind of thing you have to get mod approval for. If and when a mod approves it, it’s okay to post.

Mod approval is required.

One of the more senior mods can check and decide.

It would almost definitely go in MPSIMS.

Okay. What is the procedure for getting mod approval for it?

Send a private message to a mod with a copy of your proposed post including the link. If it happens to be the wrong mod, they’ll forward it to the one who will decide.

No, please dont do this.

Let me just @ a few Senior is simpler.


Sorry. That was the procedure I had to follow some 10 years ago when I wanted to post a link like that.

Actually that is the correct procedure.

Send me a PM with the exact post that you want to make and we’ll take a look at it.

There you go, for approval please PM engineer_comp_geek.

Not a randomly picked mod.

Done. Thanks, you guys. If and when it gets approved, I’ll link to the post here too.