Is it ok to post about fundraisers?

I have a young cousin who needs an organ transplant, and the family has set up a website for him with COTA, where people can donate through the site. Is it ok to post his story and a link to the website?

Also, the family is having a mini-golf tournament next month to help raise money. Would it be ok to post the date/location in case there are any dopers in the area who would like to join?

E-mail a Mod or Admin for permission first.

I’ll report your post so one of them can set to work on it.

Thanks, runner pat, much appreciated.

Arglefraster: Yes, I’m giving you permission to post that information once. You may also “bump” the thread once by reposting to it, to get it back to the front page.

Just for ref, from the Registration Agreement:

Awesome, thanks. I’ll go post a thread now.

Oh, and be sure to mention in the first 'graph of your post that permission was asked for and granted in advance. (Usually we prefer you to send us an email so we can handle it privately.)