Can I post this? Is it "spam"?

I have a cousin who is involved in a fundraiser for SIDS prevention. He is trying to raise two million pennies along with some corporate sponsorship and the help of his radio station.
I’d like to post a thread in MPSIMS along with a link to his webpage and a couple of ways people can donate.

Is this something that I can do, or would this be considered SPAM, or something else that shouldn’t be on the board?

Thanks for your help,

Well, I guess it doesn’t matter now. I was both suprised and happy to find out that he was able to reach his goal last night!

Thanks anyway folks.

In future, if you have such a request, please send an email to the Moderators before posting.

We tend not to permit solicitiations, no matter how worthy the cause, on the “slippery slope” argument. However, we have made exceptions from time to time.

That’s a big 10-4 CK

Thanks for the response.

Where did that quote come from? It is not in this thread?

Probably a deleted troll or sock puppet. Nothing to see; move along.