Am I crazy, or does my computer screen really glow in the dark?

my computer screen (in my bedroom) seems to glow for a few minutes after i turn the lights off. my mom thinks i’m crazy. so, am i right?

We must both be crazy, because my TV used to do this.

It is due to residual energy in the photons on the innerside of the screen, or something.

You are probably crazy.

Furthermore the phosphor in the screen is what is glowing. When you turn the lights off the phosphor is still realeasing photons. Try this: cut out a shape with dark paper and stick it to the screen. Then turn the lights offf and remove the shape.

You are crazy and your computer screen really glows in the dark.

Works with your TV too. In fact, if you just have a light on (perhaps specifically a fluorecent light, I dunno), that’ll energize it too. My old Tandy TGA monitor hasn’t been used in years, but it’ll glow a bit after I turn the lights off.

Note that if you’ve been watching the TV for a while, you’ll likely ignore this effect, 'cause it gets messed up by the screen image that’s been burned into your eyes for staring so long.

I just remembered - I used to shine torches at the TV to get this effect. If you have a small enough source of bright light you can write your name!
And, I knew it was something begining with ‘ph’ not ‘photons’, ‘phosphor’