Am I going to NYC? Need answer fast.

No, seriously. I have a standing invite to go up to New York with a few friends and acquaintances. I have just over an hour to decide, and I find I couldn’t be more ambivalent about the whole thing.

One the one hand, hey, weekend in New York. Road trip, friends, big city, all that jazz.

On the other hand, I don’t know some of these people too well (eight people total, three unknowns), and the ones I do know will make for a weird group dynamic – not hostile, just diverse enough that I don’t know what the hell we’d do. I don’t go in for the standard tourist stuff, they don’t go in for beers at night, others have varying interests, you get the picture.

On the third hand, I can go off on my own if I feel like it, which I’ll almost certainly do at night anyway), and I haven’t been in New York since, well, adulthood, so I’m sure I can find some new and interesting things and people.

On the fourth hand, my alternative weekend plan, sitting around on my ass watching reruns of Boston Legal, is certainly cheaper. It also doesn’t involve driving through New Jersey.

So, as I’d advise anyone to do when facing a difficult decision, I decided to consult random strangers on the internet. If you were me, would you go to New York, or sit this one out?

(Also, if any New York-area Dopers voting “yea” were inclined to show me their favorite spot for late-night drinks on Friday or Saturday, that’d certainly influence my decision as well. :D)

Yep, you’re going. You can always just leave again if you hate it, but it’s worth a try.

Have fun!

I wouldn’t.

Means you should.

I flipped a coin for you.

It came up heads.

GO!! I am lamenting my inability to go anywhere this weekend. The travel bug has bit me badly, but my work schedule (and complete lack of money) prohibits me from scratching it. PLEASE GO! I wanna live vicariously through others. Plus I love New York. If you are able to eat a Canolli from Angelo’s the entire weekend will be worth it.

Might as well

Go for it.

I have to think if you and your 8 friends go to NYC and don’t have a good time, either you or most of them are retarded.

What is “don’t go in for beers at night”? Do they not drink at all or are they just not into doing anything at night? Because the later is kind of weird.

Anyhow, I can’t think of a reason not to go.

Carpe diem. By all means go.

Unlimited upside, reasonably limited potential downside. Go.

Both, actually. I’m the only one willing to drink more than one beer, and most of the others are day people. In our group of eight 24-to-26 year olds, I’m the only social drinker and the only night owl. (I’m sure that sounds weird, but I hang out with a number of various crowds, none of whom have much to do with each other. This crew I lovingly refer to as my Christian Coalition. Wonderful friends, but not exactly 24-hour party people. Which isn’t to say that I am – by most people’s standards I’m a total goody two-shoes – but you get my point.)

That said, apart from one cryptic vote of “heads” it seems to be unanimous, so I guess the ayes have it. Off to D.C. I go, then on to Manhattan in the AM.

I’ll keep tabs on this thread in case anyone wants to take me up on that beer. (Or other non-beer-related activities…anything to keep me from staring at a hotel wall at 11:00 p.m. on a Friday or Saturday night… ;))

I am now 36 with a wonderful wife and a baby. My road trip days are behind me. I don’t look back and wish I had skipped any of them. Even the ones that seemed unsuccessful at the time. Go.

Leave your car in long term parking at DC’s Reagan/National Airport, take the metro to Union station and get a train to NYC. You’ll be glad you did.

Car’s going to be parked at my friend’s apartment in D.C., so no worries there. I have no plans of driving in the city itself; I’m not new at this :wink:

One of the things I love about NYC is that a night out for “a beer” sometimes turns into getting home shortly after sunrise.

I have a wife and kid and we haven’t stopped road tripping.