Am I Insane For being excited about 'Balls of Fury'?


I know that there is a high probability that this will be horrible, or that every funny bit is in the trailer, but it has Christopher Walken, so it can’t be bad? Right? I mean, it looks friggin funny to me. Am I just setting myself up here?

I say the answer is “Yes.”
Come on! It looks like shit!

I think it will be hilarious - but not “go to the theatre” hilarious.

Yes it does, but we’re still going to go see it. Sometimes bad movies are just what you need after the chaos and stress of real life. Besides, any movie that has Christopher Walken pronouncing “What part of Sudden Death didn’t you understand?” has got to be good!

Joe Dirt
The Country Bears
The Prophesy 3: The Ascent

Did you watch all of these?

Walken’s got no standards, no standards at all. He’s still my one true love and illuminates every scene he’s in, but this movie looks like pure crap and may even be overusing Ronnie.

Yes, but Not Another Teen Movie is one of my all-time favorites, so what do I know?

You probably are, but you’re not alone. I’ve seen the trailer several times in the movie theater and I still laugh at bits like “You crushed lucky cricket” and “You no swat flies, you swat bees” and “Don’t be so hard on yourself, you have mad skilz…BAM” and yet I don’t feel the brain cells popping (they may be going quietly). Even if it is terrible, even if those are the only good bits (along with the rest of the trailer), I know in advance I’ll laugh at least some of the time. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I’m definitely going.

I’m vaguely optimistic, since offbeat “sports” movies sometimes amuse (Beerfest) though sometimes they don’t (Dodge Ball).

I think I was hooked by the “cheap, ugly women” line. I just hope there isn’t a sappy ending.

I think it looks dreadful, but I’ll rent it when it comes out on DVD. Christopher Walken has been hilarious in every SNL sketch he’s ever been in, and Balls of Fury looks like it’s really just an extended comedy sketch.

Of course, if it turns out that “sudden death” is his only funny line, I’ll be most murderously disappointed.

But that’s an actually good parody movie! I own it!
…I guess I don’t have a leg to stand on in this thread anymore, do I?

I have a small group of friends who are very excited about seeing this film. We are all over it, possibly on opening night. First, we love ping pong (I have a table in the back yard) even though none of us is all that good at it. Second, it’s Christopher Walken. There is nothing not to like about this film, and we’re already declaring it the greatest sports movie ever.

(Yeah, it’ll probably be awful, but we’re making the most of it anyway.)

Am I the only one to whom it seems the most obvious thing in the world that this project was created for Jack Black, who had enough sense to turn it down?

Yes, but then apparently Jonah Hill turned it down too. The lead guy in the trailer is pretty annoying – just being fat and “zany” doesn’t make you funny and charismatic.

I say that the quality of the movie is directly related to the amount of cowbell that is played during the opening credits.

Dude. Dodgeball was the poo. Hilarious from start to finish. It’s the only reason I’m willing to entertain the possibility of seeing BoF, but probably not until it hits the budget theatre.

Well, it was the ending of Dodgeball that put me off. I don’t mind if the underdog losers win, but please don’t introduce this big moral dilemma late in the third act where the main character has to decide whether or not to take the easy route and sell out the buddies to whom he has grown close over their trials and tribulations as they fought their little hearts out to get to the final round (Adam Sandler’s Longest Yard, I’m looking at you).

Of course, this ending could be redeemed if the main character did sell them out, while yelling “So long, jerkwads!” but that never happens.

Anyway, if this had been a Jack Black vehicle, I’d automatically pass because I dislike him.

Ditto. Oh yes, ditto. I couldn’t think how Jack Black could be more overrated absent some sort of papal declaration of his divinity.

I can’t explain the draw that this movie has, but I am in for going to see it. The previews are stupid funny. Maybe matinée (not full price).