Am I invisible to Democrats?

It’s no fun living in a swing state these days. The only consolation is that this insanity will be over in 13 days. My best friend is Tivo, as it enables me to skip all the commercials. But then there are the Robo Calls. I get about 10-12 of them a day (14 yesterday), and they are all from the RNC. I have received ZERO from the Democrats. Do they know things about me that assure them I’m on their side? Do they have less money to spend on the campaign? Do they think I’m a staunch Romney supporter? For some reason they refuse to call me. I’m starting to feel rejected. Or at least invisible.

What do the Democrats need to convince you of?

Nothing . . . but they don’t know that. Or at least, they shouldn’t assume that.

What can the GOP convince him of?

I have the opposite problem. The Dems won’t leave me alone. I live in Fucking California* my state is going democrat even if I was the only one in the state yet everyday there is some bullshit pamphlet in my mail box. Great way to spend your money.
*It’s a suburb of LA.

We haven’t gotten a single political call this season, and only a handful of mail. I feel kind of left out.

I’ve been getting lots of automated calls from the Republicans, so I understand your concerns. I’m a registered Democrat and an Obama supporter by the way. To answer your question, I honestly have no clue.

The Dems are trying to shore up California?? I’d love to see their internal polling.

I don’t know about the Dems overall, but every single day I get a card from Jennifer Ong, who is running for the local Assembly seat. She’s a Democrat. Of course, her opponent is a Democrat, too. That’s what happens with the crazy new election system we have here now.

Maybe the Dems have read our telemarketing threads, and are convinced that winning depends on not pissing people off?

Give me your number and I’ll forward all my calls to you :slight_smile:

Probably. Do you subscribe to any magazines that might disclose your political persuasion, for example? Have you donated to a campaign?

But that wouldn’t explain the complete lack of contact. They’d want to confirm that you voted early, at least. And you have, right? :slight_smile:

The secret is to have a cell phone from another state. I kept my number when I moved here from Montana, and I haven’t had a single call from either presidential campaign. I have had a couple from the Tester vs. Rehberg race, but those are easily gotten rid of when I tell them I’ve moved.

My husband, who I doubt has voted for a Republican in his life, got a fundraising letter from the Romney’s. “As one of the country’s pre-eminent Republicans, you…” And I thought, “with friends like these…”

I did a very similar thread recently. Since then I’ve been in the crosshairs for great mudslinging between the Senate candidates. Also an Obama mailing telling me to vote early, which I actually liked getting because it lists the days the polls are open.

Aren’t you a married woman in her 60s (something like that)? By demographics alone that would probably put you in Romney territory, maybe the democrats have written you off as a lost cause.

It isn’t all bad, getting phone calls from them demanding (not asking, more like demanding) money is worse than being ignored.

It’s called GOTV. Get out the vote. I’ve done it for the Democrats. We call up the Dems constantly (too much in my opinion) and ask them to vote. We only call our side or those likely to vote for our side. I assume the other side does the same.

So yes, you are invisible to the Dems.

I live in Chicago, have a Los Angeles phone number. I haven’t received a single mailer or phone call. Suck it, purple staters!

Nobody will call your LA cell. But I’m an (I) in a purple (lean Obama) state. You’d think I’d be sweet, sweet candy for the Democrats.

I’m pretty sure that Panache is in different demographic that Romney wants to disenfranchise.