Am I invisible to Democrats?

See, this is political ju-jitsu - You are on the Democratic mailing/call list. So, the local Democratic operatives sell the list to the Republicans, knowing that the Republicans will call you 20 times a day. You’ll get pissed off at the Republicans and vote Democratic! :smiley:

I live in NJ watching NYC area TV. This area is going to Obama. A few Obama commercials. Don’t remember seeing any Romney commercials. No phone calls. Ads for congressional races are getting more air time now but still not that bad. I have a friend in Ohio. She is being tortured.

I live in Virginia, currently a tossup, so I’d have thought there’d be a lot of this sort of hassling, and I haven’t gotten a single call from anyone. We also have a contentious senate race, and I get mail about that just about every day.

I’m guessing that the thought is that people who will choose Allen will likely choose Romney and those who choose Kaine will likely choose Obama, so they’re focusing more on them to get people focused on the more relevant issues that will persuade people. I think part of the problem is that a lot of what the presidential campaign is focusing on either isn’t an issue in Northern Virginia (like the economy) or we’re just over-saturated on because we’re right next to DC.

Texas, Houston suburb. I can understand gertting no calls, as I only have a cell phone these days, but I haven’t received a single mailer all campaign long. Doesn’t anyone want me to vote for them?

The RNC has called me so much I wrote them a complaint e-mail. I’d imagine they are too busy recording the next robocall to answer me.

Well, the “45” represents his birth year, so the “in … 60s” part is correct.

In the last day, I read (somewhere, so don’t ask for cite) that $177 million had been spent on Ohio. I’m female, sub-baby-boomer, self-employed and being hammered. The Republicans are running about 20 contacts to each Democratic contact. Worse, I live in a 50/50 county… so they’re hammering away. I officially have enough fire starter materials for my wood burner to last me through spring and I only answer (or even look at) the phone when the ringtone tells me that it is someone that I already know.

I’m registered Republican and getting a Karl Rove call daily (from a new phone number daily!) I’m guessing that they’re pimping for money. I voted against every Republican on the ticket. I thought about snapping a picture of it to send to Rove’s trolls with a note telling them where to stuff their phone calls.

I’m also being called multiple times a day by the RNC, my state’s Republican party, and various conservative groups like the NRA, and get at least one mailing a day. A week or so ago I Googled the phone numbers for the RNC and the state party and asked them to take me off their call/mailing lists, but while both the volunteers I spoke to said they’d put in the request they also said that it took time to get people out of the database and it might be 30 days before it actually happened. Since that would be well after the election ended, I would presumably stop receiving these calls by then even if no one did anything.

I’ve heard absolutely nothing from the state or national Democratic party or any left-wing groups.

I have no idea how I got on the Republican call and mailing lists in the first place – I don’t remember receiving so much attention four years ago, I have never voted for a Republican in my life and probably never will, and I don’t subscribe to any magazines. My telephone number is listed with only my first initial and last name, but some of the callers use my first name and the mailings always use my first name and sometimes even my middle name.

Anyone can go down and get a list of all registered voters w/addresses. From there, they can buy the list of matching phone numbers (if it isn’t already included on the list from the elections office).