Am I the only Aquarian?

In a hijack of Icewolf’s thread, I see that the Leos are coming out of the woodwork. 'Tis time for the Aquarians to be known, as well (if I sound atypical of an Aquarian, this is for two reasons: One, all Aquarians are atypical, and Two, I have a Leo either in my Ascendent or Rising…I can’t recall which). So, where are all my Uranus-ruled brethren?

I’m one, Superdude. January 23. However, I have to say I usually don’t fit the description of an Aquarian. :frowning:

Hey, my birthday is the almighty January 23 as well. 1-2-3. Very easy to remember.

Don’t usually pay attention to signs and types other than to know what mine actually is. What is typical for Aquarians anyways?

Hey, guys, I’m only a day after you. 1/24 to be exact. As to the “typical” Aquarius, you’ve hit it on the head, Superdude. There IS no such thing. Aquarians are free spirits, deep thinkers and humanitarians, or so I’m told. After all, the “Age of Aquarius” is supposed to be when the world discovers the joy of living in harmony, yadda yadda yadda.

Anyway, I’m not sure you guys are typical Aquarians anyway, since according to some experts if you were born within 3 days of a change in signs, you were born on a cusp – which means you will have Capricorn characteristics as well as Aquarian ones.

Aquarius is an air sign so some say we’re “air heads” or always “head in the clouds”. Don’t know as I agree with them.

I got Moon in Aquarius. 21st degree. So on some level I can, like, resonate vibes with you Sun in Aquarius cats. Groovy!

Another Aquarian punching in - 1/22. When I was in 2nd grade I was the only one in my class born in January - are we that rare?

So far I appear to be the only one born in February. The 10th

January 27 – about as Aquarian as it gets. And I’ve had people who know me well and pay attention to such things tell me that I’m about as close to the Platonic ideal of an Aquarius as you’ll ever find: capable of plumbing the depths of complex and arcane topics, solving problems creatively, while overlooking the most obvious things right under my nose.

Hanging out in February with Superdude. The thirteenth here. Don’t really buy into astrology, but I do get a kick everytime I hear (not too often nowadays)This is the Dawning… la la la… Get out of here everyone else, this is MY age! Well, something like that.

Another February baby here - the 6th, along with Babe Ruth.

January 31st…last day of the first month. Easy to remember, so don’t forget the presents!

February the 8th for me. The same day as my grandfather, in fact and Jules Verne.

I’m February 15th, so I’m definitely an Aquarian. thing is, though, I was born three weeks early, so technically I should have been a Pisces. I wonder what that means?
And my husband is a Virgo, and he’s got to be the total opposite of what a Virgo is.

Jan 21st. Sun in Aquarius, moon in Leo.

My head is definitely in the clouds, but I am certainly not (often) an air head. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m here too. Feb 17th for me .

1-28-64–alas I know less than zero about astrology.

Sir Rhosis

January 29th here. My mother was born on the 28th. She went into labor on her birthday and used to say I was independent-minded then to want my own birthday, so I waited until well after midnight to come out.

Apart from that, if gregariousness and an interest in other people is considered an Aquarian trait, then I must be antiAquarian (like antimatter). As I get older, I get more misanthropic, but that just might be due to where I’m living. I find far more congenial books, movies, my imagination and the company on this and a few other message boards to the people I meet in the course of the day.

Latvian banana-dancer and international knotted-string expert


About as Aquarian as you can get.

Nothing like being the water-boy of the zodiac.

Interesting. I was born, officially, at 11:58 PM on 1/27, which is also my mom’s birthday. My grandmother still insists that I was actually born after midnight and that the doctors fudged the birth certificate.

Ah, yes! January 28[sup]th[/sup], the day the space shuttle blew up… Our birthday. Extremely typical multidimensional Aquarian checking in here. Maybe the sun and pluto being on opposite horizons while I was being born had something to do with it.

It’s difficult to believe in astrology, except that I embody the traditional Aquarian to an almost disgusting degree. I could care less (which, from this thread, seems to be typical as well). And fer crimeny sake it’s an air sign, not a water sign!