Am I the only male that does go ga-ga over babies?

I figure that Anaamika’s thread gives me leave to ask this question. In the interest of fairness and all.
I’m 62, a grampa, not gay or effeminate.
I love babies. Always have. I like to hold them, coochie-coo them, let them grab my finger, and just watch them be babies. I don’t want any more of my own, and I do give them back.
If I ask a woman if I can hold her baby, I almost always get that look. I am kinda scary looking. I realize that. But I don’t think that’s why I get the evil-eye. I think it’s bacause very few men share my joy with babies in general. Relatives, maybe, but not strangers.

I have found, to my surprise, that the most attention my baby receives from strangers when out and about tends to be from grandpa-aged men. I love it.

I have a five year old and a one year old daughter. I loved them instantly from the day they were born but I absolutely do not like the infant period up to age one although it starts getting better a few months before that. It is a ton of work and stress for little reciprocal payback.

My answer is that I love playing with babies when they are over 6 months but preferably over a year. Before that, I had a hard time with even my own daughters in a minute by minute way and I don’t want to deal with anyone else’s infant for long either. I have tremendous respect because I look at parenting a small infant almost like a stunt.

I do not want to hold your baby. Why do women hand me their babies? I need a t-shirt.

:eek: Thank God.
My SO’s father has recently been made a grandfather by his other son, and he is completely helpless in the presence of the baby. It cries, and he jumps up and runs around like a chicken with his head cut off. If the baby falls asleep on his chest he won’t so much as budge in case she wakes up.

Grandpa’s antics are more cute to me than baby’s. :smiley:

I can’t really stand them, or at least, not for more than a few minutes, which is unfortuante because babies, toddlers, and small children seem to adore me. (I don’t “coochie-coo” or any of that stuff, and basically treat them like they’re adults, or at least not to be talked down to. Go figure.)

Oddly, the father of a friend of mine who was reportedly never too attentive toward his own children (not neglectful of abusive, just lacking in comfort around and interest in the goings-on of children) is now completely smitten with his newly hatched grandchildren.

I’m not all that fond of unweened puppies or kittens, either. When they get old enough to start being clever and figure things out is when they become interesting. Unfortunately with kids that usually takes between 7-10 years and often never. Babies just lay there and pretend to smile while making a stink; what’s to like about that?


I’ve always enjoyed babies and little kids. They make me smile. Eons ago when I was a nurse trainee (working towards an LPN I never finished), the rotation I loved best was NN. No sick people, just pick up the newborn babies, change diapers, weigh and measure, and in some cases feed.

It’s their job to make a stink. It’s their caregiver’s (parent’s) job to deal with that stink. The smile is because they think that that is as funny as hell.
Wouldn’t you?

Love babies! Mine is best, but others are fine too.

My father-in-law is also uncomfortable around infants, and won’t hold them until they’re big enough to crawl or walk to him and climb into his lap or ask to be picked up. He refused to hold his first grandson when the kid was three weeks old. Similarly, my husband is not comfortable changing or bathing the babies when they’re very young.

I find young infants easier to care for, because they stay where you put them, and they don’t talk back.

There’s nothing like comforting a 8-9 pound warm human creature, and having her/him get peaceful because of your attentions. Burping is bonding. Not quite nursing (feeding), but good nonetheless. :slight_smile:
I had an epiphane some years ago that I could have been a nurse. I like the idea, except for hospital politics.

I thought it was gas. Which accounts for the stink.

It never occurred to me that they’d think that was funnier. They’re even sicker than I thought. Twisted, twisted kids!

Nah, you’re not alone. Nearly all the men in my family become complete goofballs in the presence of babies. My father is especially susceptible to this, and laments his lack of grandchildren. I say he should be glad he doesn’t have any yet.

I love 'em too. They’re the sincerest creatures on earth, surpassing even dogs. When they smile at you, that’s pure joy right there (or else gas). What’s not to love?


As noted in the other thread, I get along well with babies (provided I can give them back when I choose).

Even at an age of a few months (i.e. when past the “larval” stage), they’re actually doing a lot more than that. It’s not always obvious, but they’re subtle, complicated and very interesting creatures. It can be a bit humbling to realize that they learn far more in a day than an adult does.

This is one of the big secrets to getting along well with kids above the age of about a year. They tend to be scared of strange adults (as you would be of a powerful and unpredictable creature 5 times your size who seemed to be in control of the universe) so you must demonstrate that you can be trusted. They actually have fairly good BS detectors - they can tell when they are being taken seriously and when they are being talked down to.

My husband adores babies and young kids. He always has, even when he was a teenager (I first met him when we were both around 17, and his sister had just had her first child). He waves and plays peekaboo with toddlers in restaurants. He spoiled our daughter rotten, and encouraged her to have friends over so he could play with them, too. His grand nieces and nephews all look forward to a visit from Uncle Bill.

Our daughter does not want to have kids, which breaks his heart. I’ve told him that he should go volunteer to be a baby rocker at a local hospital for a few hours each week.

Hey! yeah.

From when I ceased being a baby, up to now at age 45, I’ve always loved babies & they usually love me. Since I’m a big fat guy, they like to climb me. If they could, they’d plant flags on the top of my head & claim me for Babyland.

Um, HELL NO! I love me some babies and they love me. My wife and I don’t have any of our own but I grab a hold of one any chance I get. It’s like looking at perfection. Not one single thing wrong. Don’t care about sex, color, one eye or cleft pallet, whatever. Just as perfect as can be. All they have for you is Love. Damn, I love babies, and well, children too. So full of hope and promise. Better shut the hell up now :smack:

Loooove babies! Possibly wuv them. I dont ask to hold unknown babies really, half because I’m shy and half because I have this weird fear I’ll drop them. I’m 23, male (you probably knew that already).