Am I the only one who didn't know Contest Searchlight is fake?

Am I?

The whole first episode I thought the thing was real. They admitted they were stealing Project Greenlight’s idea even.

Obviously, after the second episode, it is obvious the whole thing is fake. Great spoof, but I’m let down that they aren’t really doing the whole thing. I mean, maybe they will have a show in the Winter that this one produced, but the whole thing is rigged.

Did everyone else know this was fake from the get-go? I’m let down.

News to me, but then, I haven’t been watching. Is it any good?

I thought it was pretty obvious.

The first one it was unclear at the point I turned it off.

The second one it became really clear ( I watched the whole thing somehow).

I have not watched it but when the promos came on I thought to myself ‘hey I don’t remember there being any contest, and I watch Comedy Central all the time’. It makes more sense now.

I wasn’t sure seeing a preview, although I thought it was a brilliant premise for a spoof. But Dennis Leary kinda tipped the balance for me. I’ve only caught little bits of it.

No you weren’t the only one. I started watching the show thinking it was real. I started getting a little suspicious when that one loser contestant started yelling at Leary, then when they had that idea of combining the two ideas for the sitcoms and having Jesus be a character (stealing from South Park as well as Greenlight, obviously). It seemed really staged, but I still thought it was a reality show, just a badly staged one. I didn’t figure it out for sure until I saw the clips for the second episode, then a little light bulb went on and I figured out it was all scripted. I didn’t watch the second show, though. It didn’t seem all that interesting, and all the product placement for Mike’s Hard Lemonade got really tiring. I might give it another try, though. Did the second episode make you want to keep watching?