Situation: Comedy 7/26 (open spoilers)

Did anyone else watch the first two episodes of this Project-Greenlight-like show on Bravo last night? I was disappointed (I dislike reality shows in general, but I’ve liked Bravo’s original programming in the past and this one seemed like it might at least be funny).

For one thing, Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner disappeared after the two finalists were chosen! They’ll be using the Will & Grace set to shoot the two pilots, and Sean wasn’t even there to show everyone around! I got the impression that those two would be around for the duration, helping the writers and the producers and stuff. It’s cool that they got Fred Savage and Amanda Bearse to direct the pilots, but dude … are Sean and Todd ever coming back?

Also, I wasn’t impressed with the finalists. I wasn’t impressed with any of the top 5, really. I think the two guys writing “The Sperm Donor” (which, I’m sorry, sounds like a stupid idea) are way too hyper and taken with their own perceived nuttiness, and the two guys writing “Stephen’s World” seriously need to get over themselves. I can’t believe those guys wasted an entire day fretting about it being a 4-camera show instead of a 1-camera show: suck it up and move on!

(And what’s up with the guy who insists on being called “Shoe?” I knew a guy once whose nickname was Shoe, but I don’t think he would have put that on a script or anything!)

Am I the only one who thought the network pitch for “Stephen’s World” was completely different from the first pitch we saw? I had no real idea of what the show was about until they brought in the little kid actor, but yet they were still describing the character as an “average kid.” Make up your minds: he’s either an 11-year-old who runs his life like it’s a corporation, or he’s an average kid. Can’t be both.

I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll watch this again next week or not. Maybe I will, in a “one more chance” kind of way.

Anyone else see it/have an opinion?

I liked it. To me, the best part was the “insider” view of how a pitch is made, etc. I wish we could have heard at least samples of the dialog, though, because when they would talk about how well-written something was, we just had to take their word for it. I was sorry that On the Mark wasn’t chosen, cause I liked the writer even though his eyes were frightening. The Sperm Donor might be good, with the right casting and writing. I think it will have to be a Sam and Diane kind of love-hate relationship, where we are rooting for them to get together.