Cheaters- Is The Show For Real?

I’ve seen a few episodes, and apart from the smarminess of Joey Greco the standout point is the people involved.

Leaving aside why you would want to air your humiliation- the whole thing reeks of Jerry Springer.

And when Greco starts his sanctimonious crap about how disturbing it must be for the person (after the obligatory recorded phone call which demonstrates infidelity) I feel like screaming.

And then I watch the next show.

So, does the show have any vestige of truth about it?

I thought it might be because I’ve seen multiple episodes with the camera crew pushing into the hotel room or apartment while the cheater and cheater’s cheating partner screamed at them to get out. Criminal trespass by any definition of the term; also, they film in Texas, so I figure that someone on the crew would have been shot at by now, pulling that stuff.

So, anyway, Google something like “cheaters faked” and you come up with lots of people who said that the show paid them a few hundred dollars to ad lib some scenario. Here’s an example.

We must be the only ones who watch it Sugaree. I read that article but didn’t recognise the host name.

Joey Greco doesn’t seem to have much of a personality or a lot talent for that matter. I think will be the high water mark for his career. He can put an audience to sleep pretty quickly.

He’d be pretty good as a funeral director.

“Cheaters” is not nearly as good as “Love Stings” about a family of tramps who run “stings” on suspected cheating partners.

I watch the show now and then, and have had the same thought. If it is real, they must at least coach some of the participants on how to act.

This was one of the more bizarre episodes (Confontation only):
It’s the one that made me start to wonder how real it was.

P.S. Joey’s got a day job: He sells hugh-end real estate in Dallas.

I think there might be a vestige,but for the most part it’s a “work,” as rasslin’ fans would say.