Jerry Springer question- real or fake?

Was channel cruising a few minutes ago and bumped into the beginning of another Jerry Springer freakazoid festival. Has any determination ever been made whether this stuff is real or just the product of some writer’s over active imagination.

I ask because some of it seems to contain genuine emotional moments and other parts just seems to be incredibly bad acting. Any expose ever been done on this?

Some is fake, some isn’t. Giveaways for fakeness for me is that you’ll see independent wrestlers on the show playing roles. So those are fake ones, especially given that most fans know the wrestlers real names and bios and such.

I haven’t a clue. But last week I watched one for a few minutes and saw the most bizare thing ever. They had this guy on that was into putting food on himself during sex. That’s not too bad, but then they brought out this platter with a rather large woman on it, who was covered in food. This guys eyes glazed over and he started stripping. He then jumpped on the woman and started licking her, pulling off what clothes she had on etc. I had to change the channel after that.

Needless to say if he was an actor, he was damn good at it. Not a role I’d want.

There’s been a murder following an appearance on JS, so I guess that much was real (or someone went a little too far to prove it real). I’d swear that it’s a mixture.

What I don’t understand is why anyone would show up expecting good news. “Oh, my boyfriend just asked me to be here today, but he didn’t tell me why. I think he’s going to propose!” Yeah… right… Haven’t you ever watched the show, lady?

I think the murder to which you’re referring happened after a Jenny Jones show. She goaded a guy with a crush on his friend to confess it in front of the TV audience. The friend was appalled and very not gay, and ended up killing his amorous friend a week later. Jenny had to stand trial for that incident, because prosecution contended that her interview pushed the disturbed youth over the edge.

The Springer show reportedly discourages fake shows. If you fabricate a situation, e.g. yes, as a matter of fact, I do have a sister who is cheating on her husband with me, you will get in contractual trouble with the producers. But then again, who really knows what goes on behind the scenes.

Being an audience member at the Springer show is really fun. I think it’s a cool thing to do for a corporate team outing, rather than tired old Dave and Buster’s. I’ve never been able to talk cow-orkers into it.

I actually just heard the executive producer of the maury povich show speak last week (She’s the sister of one of my professors @NYU), and she claimed her show was real, his was fake. This wasn’t a publicity appearance, it was a guest lecture on the workings of TV and the media, so I would assume it’s on the up and up. (she said she knew about springer b/c of industry knowledge and that they were distributed (or produced, I forget which) by the same company.)

was there one after Jerry, too? I remember the Jenny Jones one, the guy who had a secret admirer turn out to be a guy…

Let’s put it this way: if Jerry Springer were actually interested in preventing fights, the security guys would be on stage from the beginning, keeping people apart. Since that’s not the case, what can we conclude?

Think about it-the show basically says “If you’re some sort of degenerate and would like attention and the chance to embarass your family-come on our show!”

Plenty of people respond.

The exhibitionism is also easy to explain “If you want to get naked, or have lesbian sex on national television-come on our show!”
Strippers and hookers likely use the show for free publicity. Picture a marquee over the door of a strip joint "Jerry Springer Guest Melany Implants-Live and Nude!
Further, after years of being on meds and seeing shrinks I’ve developed the ability to sense insanity. The majority of people on that show have all kinds of characteristics and behaviors that convince me they need serious psychiatric help. Their food fetishes or other behaviors are caused by serious problems. Since these people were never taught socialization or have lost the ability to tell what things they should not say and do in public, they have no qualms about displaying their disorders for an audience.
Re Security-These men are not there to prevent fights. They are there to prevent injuries. The first season or so, much more fighting was allowed. The fact that this often resulted in torn or torn off clothing was also good for ratings. After complaints and the Jenny Jones case, security began preventing fights. In many cases, they were on stage if someone even stood up during an argument.

Yes indeedy, only it wasn’t the one who was surprised.

A guy and his mistress wanted to get his estranged wife (or maybe she was an ex, anyhoo), on the show, and tell her off. He tricked her into thinking he was going to get back together with her-he even had sex with her the night before they came on the show to make her think he was serious.

She comes on the set, he and his mistress-who, btw, was extremely slovenly, gross and unkept, began to belittle and heckle the ex. (Who, while overweight, was still dressed neatly, if her hair was out of style). The man was also hideously ugly.

I think she left the show in tears.

Weeks later, after the show had aired, the ex was found dead-apparently her hubby and his mistress decided to bump her off.


A few years ago, there was a married couple from my area who appeared on the Springer show who claimed to be uncle and niece blood relations. After the show aired there was a big uproar locally and the couple was threatened with criminal prosecution under some obscure state law that forbids close relations from marrying. IIRC, the couple recanted and had to take blood tests to prove they were not as closely related as they had claimed. I was suprised Alabama even had a law like that, considering this state’s reputation. :rolleyes:

Two girls that I went to high school with were guests on JS. They were supposed to be “Roomates who have had enough of each other cause they are bitches” or something like that.

Thing was, these chicks were not even roomates. They were best friends. It was funny watching the show. Another kid from my school was in the audience and he got up to heckle them. Of course he didnt lead on that he knew them.

I will say, if you have the chance to go to a JS taping, go. Its free and is really pretty fun. Jerry is actually a pretty funny guy. And for those who always wondered, yes the show really does stop in the studio for the full 2.2 minutes for commercials just like on your TV.

Oh right! You just HAPPENED to be “channel surfing” and just happened to come across Jerry Springer. You don’t watch it on a regular basis…no not YOU! It was a complete accident.

Do you expect us to believe that tripe! Admit it! You were watching Jerry Springer. Come clean now and we’ll go easy on you.


I always figured it was fake because the people act like actors.

If I were to go on stage and 200 people were booing me, I’d probably get a little stage fright rather than scream back at the audience.

Yet NO ONE on the show has this problem.

If they are all actors, there must be a makeup artist employed there as well, to make all the rotten teeth for the guests.
“You don’t know me, you don’t know nuthin’ about me!” —Every Springer guest.

Well, it’s just ugly people fighting ugly people for stealing their ugly people.

If it isn’t completely fake, at the very least it’s wildly exagerated. And why not? If I was given an opportunity to confront my (purely hypothetical) brother-turned-transexual lesbian biker communist, I may as well yell at him for that time in 1984 when he broke all my Legos. That bastard, er, bitch.

This cracked me up!! This should be the show’s new slogan.

The sickest one I saw was the one where the mom and daughter were lesbians…with each other. Well, the girl was adopted, but come on, that’s just too sickening. That’s still your daughter, or your mother.


I agree with the ugly people part. And is there a rule that every guy on Jerry has to have a mullet?

No, no, no…it’s “Y’all don’ know me!” about eight or ten times, followed by a repeated chorus of “Whatevah!”'s. Then you have to strip to your underwear and flash yer hoots.

Don’t forget to rub Steve’s head.

[sub]I’ve never seen this show faithfully everyday, honest.[/sub]

I wish I could claim it as my own, but I think Dave Barry said it first.