Am I the Only one who thinks this odd?

So me and my g/f are at am/pm last night buying a soda. The guy in front of us is having a problem of some sort. (I don’t know what kind of problems you can have buying gas and assorted expensive groceries, but he was having them.)

So while the clerk was sorting through this mess… The guy turns around, grabs my g/f by the arm and starts massaging her arm! I say somewhat gallantly somewhat indignantly… WTF are you doing!? (Only I didn’t swear, I said something to the effect of, “Excuse me? What are you doing?”) At this point I also notice his shirt mentions some massage place.

Then my g/f tells me to shut up!

He says he’s a massage therapist and he does this to people all the time! I say, “They let you?” (Katie is not bothered by this at all!) He goes “Yeah” At this point his stuff is done and he leaves. Katie goes on and on about how awesome this 1 minute arm massage was.

OK-- First I’m wierded out that Katie was NOT wierded out by this guy. Second, I’m wierded out that he does this ALL THE TIME! Third, I can’t believe people let him. I’d tell the guy to get his Paws off my arm!

Now Katie wants to go get a professional massage. I mean, I suppose the guy may just be drumming up business… but shouldn’t he be striking up a conversation first. “Hi, How are ya? I’m a professional masseuse, would you like a quick freebie?” instead of just grabbing her arm.

So, OK. Am I the only one who thinks this is really wierd of this guy? Anything like this happen to you guys out there? What did you do?

I agree, it’s weird. If he would have done that to my g/f, I would have said more than excuse me, and if g/f objected I would have had some things to say about the time a female friend hugged me and I heard about it for weeks.

Umm, yes, this is not only ‘weird,’ it’s ‘assault.’

Most of the women I know would have hurt this guy. Badly.

Having a complete stranger begin massaging me, even just my arm, would absolutely creep me out. That is such a violation of one’s personal space, I am astonished that your gf allowed it. I am very touchy-feely with my friends, but I don’t care at all for having people I don’t know touch me without my permission. If he had asked first if it was OK, that would be another matter entirely, but he didn’t.

Ok. I hate being touched by anyone other than my immediate family and my boy. I don’t give random hugs and I will tell acquaintances to stop touching me, even if it offends them. I just get uncomfortable. I will shake hands because I understand this is customary. So I’m prolly a little over the edge about the whole “touchy” thing. I would yell at this freaky man and prolly violently stop him from contacting me. This would be an instinctive move. I wouldn’t intend to hurt him, but I would react quickly and w/o thinking. I can’t help it. I’m in karate and self defense and I hate being touched. I’ll even accidentally whack my boy if he sneaks up behind me and touches me at a party.

I’m with you folks- way wierd.
a) stay the heck out of my personal space.
b) don’t touch me or expect me to touch you.
c) don’t bring your probably germ laden breath/b.o./other fulsome aromas into any conversation you expect to have with me.
Personally, if a stranger touched MY S.O. without being asked, and didn’t desist IMMEDIATELY upon being, politely, asked, I’d have to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Spyderco Civillian.

And don’t EVER call me Frances.

I’m scared just READING about it… and slightly aroused… I mean my suspicion is aroused…

I would have gone off on the guy- I just don’t like strangers touching me unexpectedly, or at all.