Ladies: Have you ever gotten a hug with something extra?

You know, when the hug last way longer than it should, and there’s…um…movement involved. And sometimes a third party shows up.
I’m not talking about from a SO, or someone you’re intimate with.

It’s happened to me twice, and both times were embarassing. One was a total stranger, and the other was someone I had known for years.

I know this was addressed to the ladies, but I just HAD to respond. On two occasions, I was hugging casual female friends (and not trying any pelvic action or anything) when Ol’ Woody just popped up. Both times I was embarrassed…but the huggees didn’t seem to mind. Nothing was ever said and our friendships remained the same.


Love (and hugs) to All,

It’s never happened to me, thank Dog.

How did you respond, HBQ?

I’d be embarrassed if that happened, and Just So Everyone Knows, I’m a guy.

I don’t mind woodies poppin’ for me, it can be very flattering But, being humped by someone you don’t know, in a room full of people is kind of uncomfortable.

I love to hug, I’m the official hugger of my family.

I disentangled myself as gracefully as I could, avoided eye contact, and pretended it didn’t happen.

Two questions: 1)Is the man wearing pants? 2) How long are these hugs lasting?

Speaking as a guy: Typically if my boy is lying beneath a couple of layers of clothes (undies and pants) there seems to be a good buffer zone between me and the young lady I happen to be hugging.

Also, any hugs I’m usually involved in don’t last more than a second or three, usually not a long enough period of time for my member to solidify.

And typically I think I hold my nether regions back slightly to keep my unit from being tempted by anything in front of him during said hug.

Re: your problem(?), consider the dude’s penile movement an added bonus: you just turned somebody on without even trying! :wink:
(Little do you ladies know, you do that all the time. Thank goodness for notebooks, file folders and newspapers, I say.)


When I was in high school there was a guy that everybody was generally friendly with. He was infamous for hugging girls almost all the time. Every time he did though, there was almost always a “third party” involved. Every one of my friends, including myself, has recieved several of his hugs. We all knew what his hugs were like, but it was more awkward turning down the hug. We basically wound up ignoring it.

Just so you know, guys don’t do that stuff on purpose. It’s not like we say, “hey, why don’t I give her a poke with Mr. Happy so she knows how much I really like her!”

I know it’s a cliche, but the penis really does have a mind of its own.

That reminds me of a time I was in high school hugging my girlfriend in the hallway, and just as I was saying goodbye to her to go to class, some guy walks by and says to his friend: “Jesus! Look at the size of that guy’s hardon!” So I look down, and sure enough, the front of my pants was jutting out like the prow of a ship. How embarrassing!

That was the last time I ever wore sweatpants to school! :eek:

What are you doing hugging total strangers that long for anyway?

I went with some friends, to a party at this guy’s house. He was hugging everybody. The reason the hug lasted so long is because I couldn’t get loose. My friend said I looked like the cat on Pepe Le Pue, trying to escape Pepe’s embrace.

You know, I’ve heard that if your dog humps people’s legs, you just squirt some water in his face. If that doesn’t work, there are always choke chains.

What? We’re talking about humans, not dogs? You’re joking, right?

Well, maybe you could still use the same training methods.
Personally, if I’m hugging a woman that I’m not close friends with, I lean forward a little at the waist so that there’s no pelvis-to-pelvis contact. I’m more relaxed with closer friends. But no lambada.

Everytime I hug Jane I try to be discreet about how much I love the feel of her coughs perfect breasts against me :wink:

An acquaintance of mine (and, believe me, he will remain an acquaintance) is notorious for hugging women too long. He can’t claim ignorance – he’s been doing this for at least 10 years. He still tries, though. Fortunately, even though we see each other at gatherings where hugging is common, he has never hugged me. As things stand now, because of other obnoxious behaviour, I’ve made it clear that if he lays a hand on me without my permission, I will slap his face (I suspect there are legal and logistical problems involved in taking his hand off at the wrist).

On a much more pleasant note, I was lying on a couch late one night hugging and talking with a close male friend when I was aware of a part of his anatomy I hadn’t been aware of until then. He’d mentioned an interest in me, and we’d talked about how I wasn’t quite comfortable with it when I was presented with the evidence. I was also on the inside of the couch! Fortunately I did, uhm, screw up the courage to tell him what had arisen :ducks: and, after some initial embarrassment, we were able to laugh about it. It proved to me I could trust him and we have become even closer friends since.

Under ordinary circumstances, I suppose I’d take the “something extra” as a compliment, if the gentleman is willing to take “No” for an answer.


No. Non-boyfriend persons do not hug or touch me.

I’ve never had that happen with anyone other than my SO. I can’t imagine why a casual acquaintance or total stranger would be grinding his pelvis into me. He’s either a total …err… prick or the rudest man on the planet.

I’m with heresiarch on this one. If I don’t feel comfortable with the person doing the hugging, I’ll create a “safe zone” so he would have to bend in half before we mesh.

But, I don’t mind in the least if it’s with a male freind or someone I’m attracted to, as long as neither of us makes a big deal about it, it just gets laughed off.

Why not?

This business of full-body hugs with people you don’t do other forms of full-body contact with is a new thing to me. I thought waist-up hugs between friends was more or less the standard rule. If I were single and a woman gave me a full-body hug, I’d read it as either a come-on or a pretty serious tease. Since I’m married, it would just make me uncomfortable.

I’ve had a hug with the works. And I’m a guy. :eek:

I’m fairly sure he (a male friend of a couple years) wasn’t THAT happy to see me. He was pretty drunk and like they say, it has a mind of its own.

Oh, and full-body hugs are pretty common amongst my age-group. Arriving at any party or gathering, one is expected to engage in a prolonged hug-fest at the door. Nothing to read into it; it’s just friendliness.