Am I the only one who thought this year's finale of The Closer...

…was a piece of feces?

Nobody here panned it - as far as I can see. And it was horrible.

Could have been even worse - by having Brenda’s parents
drop in.

Not my favorite by any means. Particularly unbelievable with the weapons and the propane tanks. I did like Brenda telling the others, via the bomb robot, “Help me!”

For a favorite I’m torn between the one with the extra body in the casket, and the one with Provenza as the hit man hired to kill the gal’s husband.

It wasn’t very good. And I despise season-ending cliffhangers.

I did like the opening scene where Sanchez carried Brenda away from the bomb scene. Although Brenda should’ve been fired for sneaking back in the second time, for risking the life of that guy who had to go retrieve her.

I haven’t enjoyed this season as much as the first three. My favorite episode overall is the one where Flynn and Provenza find the body in Provenza’s garage.

BarnOwl, if you don’t like Brenda’s parents, you should skip the two Christmas episodes from last year, if you haven’t seen them yet. I like her parents, but that was a bit much even for me.

Where were you, when I needed you? :D:D:D I think I’ve seen all the episodes with those idiots.

What I think has happened is the writers are tapped out. I doubt we’ll be watching them next year.

Yeah, it was not the best season ender…Looking back, I am most disgusted by how stupid the murderers were…tatooing the set up on their wrist? And then the one guy trying to complete the plan by himself?

Very strange. Also, not enough Provenza and Flynn. They are my two favorite characters…

Every single member of that squad needs to go back to the firing range -

I get not being able to hit the target from behind the wall - I dont get not being able to hit the STATIONARY BAG.

Also, Body armor or not, the first time the kid got hit with a live round - he would’ve been stuneed for a few moments - I seriously doubt he had enough “experience” to be able to bluff it off.

I enjoyed the episode overall - the fight scene at the end didnt work for me - I hate fake setups for cliffhangers, and I hate it when the only thing the writers think will bring us back to the show is if they put a cast member in “mortal danger”.

Kill him or not, I hate the cliche’d use of the tactic -

Plus, Sanchez is easily the most expendable character on the show. I can’t imagine any fans being totally broken up if he bites it…

I am completely ignorant of weaponry and explosives. What was unbelievable?

Agreed - not one of my favorite episodes. I, too, don’t know diddly about guns and explosives, but it seemed none of the cops were hitting anything. And we never found out why the murder victim was murdered and by whom, and why he had a pipe bomb next to him ready to go off. The parents are too much; I mean really, Brenda’s an assistant chief of police who isn’t intimidated by anyone on the job, but she can’t tell her parents they’re on their own because she has to go to work and takes them to the office with her? Still and all, this is one of the few shows I like and I’m glad it’ll be back in January.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought he wasn’t actually murdered, but accidentally blew himself up with one of the pipe bombs he made. Since Brenda’s now head of Major Crimes and not just Priority Homicide, she was able to continue the investigation despite it not being a murder.

As for the propane tanks, they were just a tactic to scare people into running outside the mall, so the snipers on the roof could shoot them. I think the kid who did it alone was on a suicide mission, which is why he went forward with the plan anyway. Their mission was just to kill as many people as possible, without any concern for their own lives, which they knew were forfeit.

Only the image of Brenda removing her jacket on the roof to reveal her wonderful upper body in a tight blouse came close to salvaging it. I blame the French.

I thought it was a bit weak. Brenda sneaking back in to get the wallet was just bone-stupid, and she should have been reprimanded, at the very least. And how did she get back in? Yes, her team was watching the Babs-cam, but there were other police officers around keeping out the neighbors.

The EE tattoo…I don’t mind that so much. It was obscure enough that it took them awhile to figure it out, especially with the chocolate-eating dude (overdosing on MAIO inhibitors and chocolate can kill you?) told her it meant “evolution’s end.”

As for her parents…the fact that people loathe them, I think, is apt. You’re supposed to only love them at a distance. You can see how Brenda dreads their visits. Pope has even said she’s great at the professional, but her personal is a disaster.

It’s back in January! That’s the deadline Fritz gave her to put on a white dress and walk down an aisle! Yipppeee!!!

The episode was rather weak; I’m wondering if Ray Wise can come back and reprise his role as Tom Blanchard, even though he’s got a leading role on Reaper? He’s great as a smarmy, slimy lawyer who totally intimidates Brenda?

Ding Ding Ding…We have a winner