Am I the only one who watched Ugly Betty last night?

Let the discussion begin!


I liked it, but I pretty much always do.

Only thing is…now Alex/Alexis is being made sympathetic as well. Then again, so is mom. Unless daddy turns out to be a total bastard…does our show have an antagonist?


Wilhelmina is always going to be an antagonist.

And Betty has no love interest at all now.

Good point, Merijeek. There are no unsympathetic characters. I’m okay with that. It’ll still be fun, watching everyone try to push their agendas, fulfill their dreams. They’ll bump up against each other and backs will be stabbed, but I like that none of them are totally selfish or evil.

Betty will get with Henry.

Wilhelmina might have a few tricks up her sleeve to force Alexis back to the dark side. If not, I suspect the character will fade into the background.

Is the Ignacio/Case worker storyline just on hold, or did they drop it? I liked their dynamic.

“I had a potato for breakfast” & the clothing museums.

This has turned into a really, really, really great show.

I love this show, but…

The transition from overarching, meticulously scheming, revenge-minded Alexis who carefully planned for months to take over Mode, kick her brother out, and install Wili as EiC to misunderstood, handshaking, Wili-forgetting softened foil for Daniel was too abrupt. I would have expected the conflict to last beyond this one episode, given the months of hints and plans and dark conspiracies that led up to it. Unless there are some upcoming reveals of still-hidden nastiness lurking, I’m kind of disappointed that the payoff didn’t really match the lead-up.

Oh, and I just wanted to add:

Liz Torres!!

First, my obligatory kudos to the show for the best use of color on any television show, ever. This show literally explodes with color every episode and even with the volume off, it would still be worth seeing.

I have to agree that the Alex/Alexis story seemed to build for ages and then went “poof” (British pun intended) in a flash.

I love Betty’s nephew - that kid should get his own show…and this episode was the first time I actually liked the Walter character…up to now, he was an annoyance, but I almost felt sorry for him in the last one minute. Still, hope his character really does move to Maryland and stay there.

Also - the snippets from the Telenovas (sp?) are always hilarious - so kinda wish this show was half as steamy and over the top, but it seems a lot tamer in comparison, especially considering the show is, after all, ripped off of a Telenova.

I was just telling my wife how weird it is that so many shows start strong and go downhill, while Betty seems to be getting better every episode. I hope they only do 1 season so it can live on as a great show.

That’s my disappointment with Rebecca Romijn; she’s gorgeous, but not an actress. So she can do the broadly dramatic stuff – now she’s evil, now’s she’s just misunderstood – but can’t hint at an underlying nastiness. So, unfortunately, I believe her when she makes up with Daniel. I don’t think that she’s covering up some other nefarious plot. Also, she didn’t tell Daniel because he’s just like his father??? Puh-leeze. (Although “why do you keep hitting yourself?” cracked me up.)

Oh, and the whole Claire killed Feywas so obvious. But Claire had some great lines – “Have I woken up in a Mexican whorehouse again?”

See, there’s the other thing that makes this new characterization of Alex not ring true. From almost everything else we’ve heard about Alex before this big reveal, HE was the one that was most like Bradford…fairly ruthless, not particularly concerned with ethical niceties, willing to sacrifice other people to get what he wants. Now she’s saying that Daniel is the one that’s just like Bradford?

That there is precisely my problem with it. Played by a better actress, we’d see a hint of insincerity and we’d doubt whether she meant any of it. But I just don’t see any depth there, so maybe Alex faked her death, underwent two years of surgeries, lived underground, plotted that whole media empire takeover, pushed her mother into becoming an alcoholic, all because she didn’t feel loved by daddy? Baloney.

I fault the actress. Remember Claire’s comment – Alex used to push Danny out of the boat on the lake in January. Alex is mean, and small, and vicious. Rebecca Romijn is just pretty. Shame.

But I do love this show. Whoever invented Tivo, I salute you!

I agree that Romjin is completely miscast in this role.

I still really like the show but always felt this underlying mystery was something they threw in just in case they needed it but they really didn’t.

Let’s not dismiss Wili as down for the count yet. I’m sure she’ll come up with something and from the looks of things, she’s really the one who should be EiC anyway.

I do feel bad for Betty’s dad though. Surely he’s not going to have to hit that?

He has to ride that squishy train all the way to his destination!

Eye bleach, eye bleach!