Ugly Betty, nuh-uh, you DI-ENT (Jan. 18)

Kee-rist, last week I predicted this was going to happen (post 13, fittingly enough). I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they are not going to go all South Park and do something to make me stop watching the show.

Wow, maybe now I can start a new career as a psychic. I predicted this last October.

I’m not too happy about Rebecca Romijn. Wish they’d picked someone with more oomph. RR doesn’t strike me as an actress of much substance.

Eh, it’s broader arc is based on over-the-top telenovellas. Not exactly the most impressive prediction.

I’m wondering, though, was Dead Brother mentioned before the Proposal Dinner?


Well, I’m hardly bragging, it wasn’t that big a leap–in fact, it’s the easy, over-used punchline du jour, which is what worries me. I hope they handle it better and more wittily than 99% of other shows have done.

I can see that. Personally, I thought the show would lose its charm pretty damned quickly. However, they’ve managed to not disappoint me so far.

So, so far so good.


I’ll trust the writers. They worked the Sofia-Daniel romance. It was unbelievable, because it was unbelievable.

What’s Alex’s motivation? If he was daddy’s golden boy, why does he want to bring him down? And why does he need to be a woman to do it?

Did they never find Alex’s body? Was the skiing accident faked? Did Alex have Fay Summers killed?

He’s been mentioned a number of times, usually being held up to or by Daniel as an example of how a Meade and an editor-in-chief should behave.

Nothing so far is giving me pause for concern with the character, with the exception of Romijn’s lack of acting chops. For a really offensive trans-character, look no further than All My Children’s Zarf. Yes, they named a character Zarf.

Did they cast her because she’s tall? Is she tall? She looked pretty tall, standing next to Wilhelmina anyway.

A couple of anvils tonight – dad saying he had shooting pains in his arm, and Justin overhearing what his mom said.

Will Christina look inside the envelope? And why not just mail the damn thing?

We were all supposed to be thinking that The Face Behind The Gauze was Fay, right?


I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I certainly don’t mind a trans-villain; the best characters on the show are villainous. I just hope they don’t go for the easy “eww, I kissed a tranny!” jokes, as so many shows do, or totally misrepresent why people have the surgery, a la Soap.

The show is so well written, I’m going to grit my teeth and hope for the best, but sometimes I wish they would just leave us alone.

I’m still not sure it isn’t. If it’s Alex, then that means Alex faked his death and his body wasn’t found. But there’s no body in Fay’s crypt. Another faked death? So that means the writers have given us two deaths without bodies. Seems a stretch.

Maybe Alexis is Fay, and she’s going to pretend she’s Alex.

Ow. Now my head hurts.

The problem with this theory is that Fey is supposed to have been having an affair with Bradford for decades. Plastic surgery has come a long way but I don’t think anyone is going to buy the notion that any amount of surgery is going to turn a middle aged woman into Rebecca Romijn.

Good point, Otto.

I wish I had paid closer attention from the first episode. One-liners that are throwaways to me are lines that reveal things to more astute viewers.

Like Daniel saying that Alex liked to dress him (Daniel) in girls’ clothes when he was little. I’ll bet I’ve missed a ton of those!

Given the telanovela-y background and origins, I’m going to speculate that we see something like the following

[spoiler]"I’m your daughter - by Fey. She put me in boarding schools, and foster care, and never told me who my father was…but I did some digging after she died.
“How are you, Dad?”

And that way Alex can take over the company from the inside.
[/spoiler]It doesn’t make sense though - Alex was the golden child. It would seem that all he’d have to do is wait & the company would be his. Why try to take it over? (Ok, admittedly, that strategy hasn’t quite worked for Prince Charles… but…)

Well, if they were going to do some character-driven drama, maybe the Meades refused to listen to Alex’s transgender pleas all those years, and think he killed himself out of despair, but now she’s back and going to take over the company out of revenge, while the Meades go through simultaneous guilt spasms and fury.

Huh? Huh? Anyone from Betty read this forum, I know you Earl people are out there!

I’m confused. Alex is now Alexis.

Fey is the former editor who everyone hopes is actually dead.

Is Alexis just Alexis, or is Alexis supposed to look just like Fey, and pretend to be Fey, but is really Alexis?

I mean, how is Alexis going to take over the company? By being Fey, or by being Alexis?

This sounds like where they’re going, but Daniel Meade’s new daughter pretending to be his ex-mistress . . . Ewwww.

I finally caught up (I’ve had to avoid these threads like the dickens). What I don’t understand is why Alexis is so anti-Daniel – if Eve is right (Alex is anti-Meade because they wouldn’t let him be who he is) – why would Alexis be anti-Daniel? She and Wili have been talking about bringing Bradford down, but that inevitably entails bringing Daniel down, too. In fact, if I remember correctly, all along she and Wili have been talking about toppling Daniel to put Wili in the editor-in-chief spot. And while Daniel appears to have a sort of jealous hero-worship of Alex, I think Daniel is pro-Alex. So what’s going on?

Now my head hurts, too.

Bradford’s new daughter, right? Creepier if Daniel’s, but you meant Bradford. And that’s another huge poke at Dad. Look, dad: I was never good enough when I was your son, but now that I look like the one person you tossed over the whole family for…

Well, Bradford Meade broke off his relationship with Fey before her death, and it seems he had something to do with the “accident” anyway. So hopefully there won’t be any passionate make up sex. Although if they did that, it’d be hilarious. I wonder if Daniel (I know you meant Bradford) has ever fooled around with Fey, or has considered it? Double creepy.

I’m with AuntiePam. I completely missed all the little hints they were dropping about Alex. Playing back some of the dialogue in my head now, it’s right there. Daniel: “I like to think he’s not really dead. He’s alive out there somewhere on a permanent journey.”

Boy howdy is he ever.

On preview, I was also going to ask what Campion is asking. What made Alexis turn so evil and in particular, why is she willing to hurt her little brother? We’ve been shown Daniel is actually a really nice guy. He was automatically accepting of Betty’s nephew, for instance.

Poor Daniel, he is really getting kicked around in this show.