Am I the only person in the world who despises the movie " Finding Nemo"?

I have yet to meet someone who shares my hatred for that movie. Could I be the only one completley annoyed by the NOT FUNNY characters and lame jokes? (And to top it off ellen degeneris does the voice of the blue fish, she is so annoying.

It’s not my favorite Pixar flick by a long shot, but I thought it was better than Bug’s Life

Someone named Chapulin doesn’t like lame jokes?

What does my nickname have to do with lame jokes?

A Bugs life was pretty bad, but at least the little princess baby ant was kinda cute. None of the fish in nemo are cute.

Found it dull myself. Yes, I gues it was better than Bug’s Life, but that’s not saying much.

Probably not. I find Pixar movies to be extremely overrated in general, but at least I finished watching Finding Nemo unlike 1/3rd of them. I don’t think I ever need to watch it a second time, though.

It’s my least favorite Pixar movie, but I haven’t seen A Bug’s Life.

I think it’s one of the better Pixar movies–behind the Toy Story movies and The Incredibles, but above WallE, Up, Ratatouille, A Bug’s Life*, and Cars. Probably about even with Monsters, Inc.

Wow, I’m surprised to see such disdain for Bug’s Life. That’s my favorite Pixar movie, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I’ve never heard anybody (until now) speak badly about it, but maybe I just wasn’t listening.

To the OP, I like Nemo, but if you don’t like Ellen then I could see why you wouldn’t like it.

Oh my god I think I hate toy story almost as much as Nemo. Not quite, but almost. Ratatouille and cars I never saw because I figured I’d hate them too.

I don’t like Ellen, but I still liked Nemo a lot. I rate it second in the Pixar-verse, right behind The Incredibles.

I believe he was referring toín_Colorado

the king of lame jokes!

Hahahaha My nick has nothing to do with him… It comes from " Ojos de Chapulin" - a somewhat endearing way that my loved one tells me he likes my green eyes. (Other girls may be grossed out or offended but I like it)

What did you think of Nemo Hakuna?

Can you really say that the opening to Finding Nemo was not one of the saddest ones you’ve seen?

Have you seen Up?

Oh I thought it was fine when I saw it at the time with my 5 year old daughter. It is a cartoon, it was fun as I recall. It was about what I expected. I don’t get too wound up on things like this–hell, look at my name on this board for gods sake. When I joined the dope I needed a name and my kid was watching The Lion King and I just used something from that movie.

But I can’t say I hate Nemo, nor would I say I love it. But I also can’t say I understand your hatred for it. But hey whatever floats your boat.

Hey you can always fall back on your namesakes line:

“¡No contaban con mi astucia!” (“They did not count on my cleverness!”).

Maybe you just don’t like Pixar movies.

Yep. And I didn’t say Finding Nemo was sadder (although it is) but this is a FN thread. And Finding Nemo is sadder. Losing your wife after a life together is horrible, but Marlin lost his wife and kids (except for Nemo) as they were starting a life together.