Am I the only woman on the planet who's repulsed by Tom Cruise?

I keep seeing all these damned posts refering to Tom Cruise, who to be honest, the only thing I find sexy about him is his WIFE! I avoid movies simply ecause he’s in them! Or are there any other “Hot men” you women (or even guys…hey I don’t care…rant away) are told you should lust after but just make you go…“Ewwwwwwwww”?

…I am speechless.
How could you possibly not worship the godly hunk of man known as Tom?
No, really. How?

Just thinking of him makes me weak in the knees.

I even saw Days of Thunder. In the theater- multiple times. What’s worse, I actually kind of like it (don’t tell anyone!). I do wish he’d get a haircut- something like in Top Gun or A Few Good Men- but they don’t get any hotter than Tom Cruise for me.

As to your question, I actually don’t understand the fuss made over his freaky wife. Perhaps I am biased, but she just grates on my nerves. And she is too damn tall for him! :wink:

His nose scares me.

His scientology scares me.

Brad Pitt! Everybody loves Brad Pitt, but I can’t see what’s so attractive about him…I don’t understand all of the fuss. I find him kind of repulsive.

Tom Cruise…blah

Brad Pitt- nothing special

Leonardo DiCaprio…ewwwwww
I’m not over impressed by a lot of the movie “hotties”. The ones that I like are people like Liam Neeson, Aidan Quinn, Harrison Ford, and Sean Connery(though he’s looking wicked old lately-I mean, I saw Finding Forrester, and dang…)

no, you’re not.

well you guys scare me!!


Have to bring in Simpson’s creator Matt Groening’s quote on this: Brad Pitt looks like Jennifer Aniston in a wig.

And I think both of them are at best mediocre looking.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m ‘repulsed’ by him, but he certainly does nothing for me. Brad Pitt too, though he may, indeed, repulse me if I thought about him long enough.

Yeah, but for some reason I think of Brad as the kinda guy you wouldn’t mind hanging out with… he just seems, I don’t know… cool? :slight_smile:

But Tom? Tom seems effete to me. He looks vacant sometimes, in a Dan Quayle kind of way. He’s nothing special; he’s just there. Plus, to me he seems to think he’s above everyone else, whereas Brad exudes more of an Everyman personality (at least I think that’s what he’s exuding… sometimes my nose gets stuffy)… :smiley:

Tom Cruise? Who’s he? ::yawns::

Tom Cruise - my indifference to him is rivaled only by my indifference to the color green.

I cannot STAND Kevin Costner. The last thing I really liked by him was No Way Out. I hated Dances with Wolves, Postman, Waterworld, Message in a Bottle, and any other movie he lowered himself to crap on. His voice grates me. His whiny-ness is like fingernails on the blackboard. Whitney Houston’s attraction to him in Bodyguard baffles me. In fact, he almost ruined Field of Dreams for me.

Now Kevin Bacon, there’s a Kevin I can handle. He’s too cute!

Tom Cruise looks like a little sucking ferret. I always do that ferret noise when I see him. Blech.

Brad Pitt…he’s alright I guess. Doesn’t do anything for me, really. Awful skin.

Of course, fans of those guys would probably be a little bewildered at the men I do find attractive…Eric Stoltz (mmmmm), Timothy Hutton, William Hurt. My husband thinks I have awful taste in men and this worries him.

I haven’t liked any of the named guys yet. Especially Brad Pitt… I can’t understand what others see in him.

In fact, I can’t think of any male young actors I like at this moment. I can tolerate Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, although he doesn’t have the same elan Sean Connery did when he was younger. :wink:

I’m going to have to jump on this bandwagon as well…although I have to say that, in general, I have a difficult time getting all moist and flustered over public figures. As far as I’m concerned, being famous does not automatically equate with being interesting…and I far prefer interesting over pretty.

Tom Cruise? Blah…and short. I’m not into short.
Brad Pitt? Blah…and pretty skanky in most of his recent movies, I might add.
Mel Gibson? Blah…another short one.
Kevin Costner? Blah…weak face. Bad director.
Leonardo DiCaprio? Please…let’s not even go there.

I also don’t get the big hoo-rah over Russel Crowe, either. Is it me? I just don’t see the appeal.

Cruise? Scary smile.
Pitt? Scary smile.

Johnny Depp? Now there’s something worth lookin at.

Here’s the thing. I can understand why people consider Tom or Brad or Mel or any of those other guys to be ‘hunky.’ (With the exception of Leonardo…his best movie was ‘Gilbert Grape’ IMHO. And for some reason I get the feeling that he’s trying to be another River Pheonix, who can never be duplicated.)
My mom and my sisters go on and on over these men and I can see why…but when it comes to that little spark in me, well they don’t do it. Never have.
Frankly, it’s a captivating character that grabs me. I’ve seen the same actor in different movies and found him charismatic in one and boring in another. Again, that’s just my personal tastes. Brad Pitt in ‘12 Monkeys’ does much more for me than Brad Pitt in ‘Legends of the Fall.’
My sister moons over Mel Gibson. I like John Cleese. My mother thinks Harrison Ford is wonderful (well, he is pretty nice). I like Oliver Platt or Alan Rickman. Or Tim Curry. And I know full well that these are not the ‘hunky’ types. Like I said, it’s just me.
But, in a pinch I’d take Tim Burton over Tom Cruise any day.

Cruise, Pitt, et al.: meh.

I’d much rather have Alexander Siddig. Or the guy who played Vince in the real Queer as Folk. Or Richard Gere, sans gerbil.

As a ferret owner, I’m offended. Ferrets are cute and entertaining. Tom Cruise is a short man with a big nose and a weird religion. No thanks.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a little bitch. Somehow I can’t develop a crush on someone who is prettier than I am. Call me crazy.

Now, Ben Browder, on the other hand - rrrowr! (Like you’re all surprised to hear that from me, right?)