Am I Threadkiller 2002?

I don’t get it.
I used to get messages from the SDMB all the time, saying someone had responded to a thread I “subscribed” to. Sometimes it got a little crowded in my email, but at least I knew that someone wanted to continue a conversation I was involved in.
Now, nothing.
Hell, I know someone has posted in a thread after me at least a couple times, but I just ran across those.
What happened? Did the SDMB change their policy?:confused:


Given your registration date, I’d be inclined to do a vanity search on your user-name if you want to check whether people have responded to threads in which you’ve posted.

Don’t worry singular1 - it happens.

My hubby did a search for my posts the other day and pointed out something similar. Out of all my posts, I was the last to post in say 4 of the 50…

Just make sure the e-mail notification box is marked, try not to hijack threads with a conversation between you and another doper, and Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Thanks, Washte and reprise-
I’ll give that a shot.
Appreciate the tips:D!

Two time world champion Threadkiller checking in.

Nope, kid. You aren’t it.

…and there it went. The best opportunity for irony this month, and sombody posted.

If you’re concerned about the email notification function working properly, there’s plenty of answers for you over in ATMB.