Amazing facts about North Korea

I came across this sitewhich I wanted to share. It’s all the amazing things about North Korea and its leader Kim Il Jung.

Some of the “facts”: (some I’ve paraphrased)

  1. The US started the Korean war.
  2. Kim Jong hand a supernatural birth.
  3. Kim Jong is a fashion icon and men all over the world dress like him.
  4. Kim is admired all over the world and people all over the world celebrate his birthday.
  5. Kim invented the hamburger.
  6. Kim is the world best golfer and bowler.
  7. Kim has magical powers like he never needs to use the toilet.
  8. Kim cured dwarfism.
  9. Kim is mentally gifted and learned to walk at 3 weeks.
  10. N Korea doesnt allow access to the internet so outsiders wont learn how great N Korea is.


Most of those are pretty crazy. But here is a story where NK is threatening a pre-emptive nulear strike on South Korea and mainland USA.

I know there is another thread where people have been discussing this.

The consensus seems to be that NK does not currently possess the tools to do anything like this and I would agree. But how long will it take them? If we’re not worried about ourselves, what about our descendants?

But it scares me because if they are crazy enough to believe all the things in the above post, then they are crazy enough to actually try to make a nuke strike against SK and the USA.

The thing about nukes is that you only have to be right once.

Most people don’t understand this. But if they ever exploded any kind of nuke (even if it was a dirty bomb) in a major US city, it would mean a huge change of life for the entire country. There are not enough doctors or hospitals to cope with the injured.

The economy? I can’t even imagine what would happen. But I would imagine all kinds of terrible things that would last for decades - not just years - but decades.

Most people seem to think it would be like a big natural disaster in one city that people would struggle to overcome. But I think it would be a total change of life. The country would never be the same. There is some doubt the country could ever even recover.

I’m beginning to think that unlike the past (like Pearl Harbor), the US can’t afford to let them have the first punch. Scary as it sounds, maybe the thing to do is to just take them out totally before they can do that to SK or the USA first.;_ylt=AwrXgyJMztxWVn0AoJvQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByN3UwbTk1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwM5BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--

The article missed one of my favorite facts about North Korea; I’ve read that all streets and roads in North Korea have three lanes rather than the usual two. The third lane, which is between the two lanes for regular traffic, is for Kim’s exclusive use.

A few links: (the actual DPRK feed - not working for me at the moment)

S. Korean News: (also not working for me)

I celebrate Kim Jong Il’s birthday every year.

Mostly because it’s also mine, but there you go.

I also heard that Kim and Dennis Rodman are brothers.

Kim Jong Un sexiest man alive!

An Onion article of course.

Also, the reason that other countries give food supplies isn’t because the people are starving. Instead, they are tributes in awe of the leadership.

Say what you will about North Korea; go ahead and laugh at their insane leader.


The “they” that are intended to believe those things are not the same “they” that are intended to have any say in the country’s military policy.

I’m not so sure. I recently watched a doc about JFK and the Cuban missile crisis.

It was said (I forget if he said this himself or one of his aides said he heard this from JFK) the thing that most worried JFK was not that the leader of the USSR would initiate an attack, but that one of the lower level military personnel who could do such a thing would initiate it without authorization out of fervor to support their leader.

You saw how many people in NK lined the streets and openly wept after both recent father and son leaders died?

I’d guess if NK ever launches a nuke attack, there is a good chance it will be one of the underlings who does it and maybe not their leader.

I think the military flunkies in NK are so afraid of disobeying Un that they would never make a decision on their own, lest they wind up literally catching flak for it.

The people of NK like the streets and wail and gnash their teeth when a leader does because showing insufficient grief will get prison and torture for their entire family.

I don’t think Un has any intention of launching nukes, he knows full well that his survival is entirely at the mercy of the Chinese, who have no intention of waging war either. Should Un launch the nukes, I believe China would either take him out themselves or give the US its blessing to do it themselves.

Let’s try and keep that embarrassing little fact to ourselves, OK?

Why those huge caps for officers? :dubious:

Wait, North Koreans are expected to believe those? :confused:

I was actually kind of expecting a “most interesting North Korean dictator in the world” thread.

I was expecting something on Youtube like, “True Facts about the Mantis Shrimp”.

How’s this for fascinating:

The news is reporting that the current US - ROK war game are practicing special ops to decapitate the DPRK as well as raids on nuke and missle facilities.

The interesting thing is not that such training is happening, but that, this year, we are saying so, and, apparently saying so on the record.

How many missiles will little fat boy launch into the sea over this one?

I don’t want to argue with you about this because I think you are mostly correct.

But I’d like to add one point.

In any Totalitarian state when someone has a family and the state causes serious harm to their family - especially their children - there comes a point when a parent will care more about the lives of their children than their own lives.

When that happens, anything is possible. They may well find a way to try and assassinate the leader. It may be very difficult, even near impossible. But my point is that when a state pushes people too far, anything is possible.

I recently saw a documentary about NK. There was one family where all the members were imprisoned and tortured because the state decided they were not loyal or they had said something bad about the leader or they looked sideways at the leader.

One of the daughters in that family had enough. After witnessing the murder of one or both parents and after enduring a few months of pysical torture, her mind just snapped. She revolted. She took a huge chance and ran out of NK into China. I’m guessing that a hundred other people tried the same thing and perhaps 99 of the 100 were caught and murdered.

But this one girl succeeded. She got to China and hooked up with other people from NK and they started a network. Now they regularly send balloons into NK that are attached to packages containing USB drives with all kinds of video programs and other information.

The point I’m trying to make is when a Totalitarian state keeps pushing its people harder and harder and murders them and tortures them, eventually … some of their people will just snap and start down the road to fight back.

I think that might well signal the beginning of the end for the current NK state.

I sure do hope so.

But, ask yourself this question.

What do you make of a state that doesn’t realize if they murder and torture their people and just continue to push them harder and harder, eventually some of them will decide, “To Hell with this!”. Then they may do just about anything to strike back.

What do you think the odds are that their people will say something like, “Give me liberty or give me death”?

I’m truly surprised the NK govt has lasted this long. I see the current acceleration of information exchange using things like USB drives as a sign that it’s inevitable that regime will fall. When? I don’t know. But the acceleration of information keeps moving faster and faster. Surely it is just a matter of time.

Parents just cannot stand to see their children murdered and tortured. When that happens, parents will just snap and will gladly give up their own lives to strike back.

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. What are we going to do with you?

It is precisely this kind of overwrought fact-free handwringing that will cause significant damage to the US. An NK nuke would be like a broken finger to this country. Painful but not even debilitating, much less fatal.

But … if we choose to sit in a funk and cry without eating, drinking, or sleeping for a month we can parlay a broken finger into death by starvation.

Or not. We get to choose. But rehearsing turning into a useless deadweight victim is not helping. Knock it off. And I mean that in a spirit of helping you be more at ease, not in a spirit of kicking you in a soft spot.

You’ve let your fear blind you to facts. Back off on the fear and the facts will emerge.

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