Amazing news from out of the blue

My mother is a cancer survivor from about a decade ago. At the end of last year, she went to the doctor and they found a mass in one of her kidneys. Tests confirmed it: Cancer. In March another test showed the mass had grown. She consulted with doctors and worked on a plan of treatment. Last week she went for a final doctors visit before coming to visit us and then starting her treatment regimen. The docs were amazed, but a battery of tests confirmed it: the cancer was gone. No mass in her kidney, no cancer cells in her blood or urine. It’s a freaking miracle.

Wow! Congratulations to your mom! That’s wonderful news, Weirddave!
I hope that things go well for her from now on.

That is amazing, and very cool news. Congratulations all round.


I hope they’ll investigate even deeper and figure out what happened, in case she’s a source of a miracle cure or something.

That’s GREAT news!!!


Wow! Congratulations!


Take your Mum to the patent office immediately! Get some IP, even if it’s a ringtone. :wink: And, yeah, woo hoo.

Wonderful news! I hope she has many more years cancer-free!

The same kind of thing happened to a guy we knew some years back – they found a mass in his lung and confirmed it was cancer, but when he went into the hospital for surgery it had disappeared completely. Clearly, people like Leon and your mom have some X factor at work – I hope the doctors can figure out what it is and share it with the rest of us!

Very good news…congratulations to you and the family!

I read an article about miraculous remissions from cancer only a few days ago. They quoted a researcher as saying that it was pointless to look into these cases, as there was no way of verifying what had happened.

Uh…that’s not the point.

You take full case histories of the people who get those miraculous remissions. You do every kind of work up you can think of, and then you start tracking the largest possible general population of cancer patients to see if one or more pops up. Then you start comparing and investigating and researching. And maybe out of that, you get a hypothesis you can test. And maybe, just maybe, you figure out something that was different about the people who had remissions, and maybe just maybe, you figure out how to replicate it in other people.

It’s a long shot, sure, but it’s a hell of a lot better than no shot at all.

And Weirddave, I’m thrilled for you and your mom. May she continue to give Death By Cancer the bird.

I’d be asking Mom to pick a few lottery tickets for me, cause she’s a lucky, lucky woman who may possess magical powers.

Cancer is mysterious. I had an aunt with kind of the opposite thing happen to her, she supposedly died of a “mystery virus” out of nowhere, and all kinds of tests had been run on her and no one could figure out anything for the few weeks she was ill. After she died, an autopsy was done and she was full of cancer, yet not one of the tests showed anything while she was alive. This was at a very good hospital too.

I have heard of cases like your mom, that is great news. I am sure she is relieved not to have to go through all that again!

That is fantastic news! Congratulations to your mom and family.
Same thing happened to my Uncle Don. The cancer just up and left. That side of the family is all about positive thinking and new age stuff, so of course they assumed it was those things that did it. Whatever the reasons are, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the good news!

Weirddave, I’m glad for your Mom & you both.

Hug the people you love every single day. Tomorrow, they could be gone.

Very glad to hear your news!!! That’s definitely a great reason to celebrate with your mom. :slight_smile:
Nowadays, there is a lot of interest in cancer research based on the idea of creating vaccines for cancer patients to help their immune systems learn to recognize and destroy cancer cells. Perhaps cases like your mom’s can be explained by her immune system somehow recognizing and developing a response against those tumors all by itself. I definitely hope that she continues to enjoy good health for a long time to come. :slight_smile:

What wonderful news. For, you, your mom, your family, and the rest of us. It’s no small thing when cancer loses one for a change. It gives us all hope.

Are you sure they checked the right kidney?

Seriously, though, that’s amazing news! Congratulations to you and your whole family.

What great news. It’s good to hear everything is going well with your mother.

Wouldn’t be the first time a tech hung the X-ray backwards.

Seriously, though, that’s great news, Weirddave.