Amazing Race 12/02 - "We Really Burned Bridges, For Sure."

Last week: Our “Racing with Animals” theme continued with some oddly passive chickens doing a ride-along with the teams. And speaking of oddly passive things that usually squawk really loudly, Lorena and her strangely-mustachioed boyfriend were Philiminated and Liberal declared his defection from the TAR faithful.

This week: Did I see stilts? Could stilts plus hernia equal comedy gold? Football delays probable so adjust your recording devices appropriately. Let’s watch!

Public advisory – there appears to be NO football delay tonight.

The Goths don’t seem to know the difference between the Baltics and the Balkans. (Or is that the Baltyks and the Balkynns?)

This leg appears to depend heavily on getting to the destination city, not on the tasks once there. I don’t like such legs, I prefer to see real racing.

I stand corrected – there IS a lot of difficult racing tasks in the destination.

Aha, I was wondering when our old friend the gnome would make an appearance.

Not that I’m sorry to see the blondes go, but this is going to do nothing but reinforce the ridiculous Race myth that using the tools of the Race have some great karmic consequence.

Excellent work on the counting by the grandson, finishing the count and then subtracting off the incorrect pickets instead of starting over.

And oh yes, death to the gnome!

I am soooo ready for Nate and Jen to go.

You know, the “hook” of Nate and Jen was that he cheated on her.

After watching her personality in various situations, stressful and not, I have to say I can’t blame him…

And his “Bitch!” was one of the few times that a male teammate has ever called a female teammate that on this show and that I actually had no problem with it.

I’m a bit iffy on “Race karma,” it seemed to me that the immediate cause of the blondes’ elimination was getting lost driving from the airport to the Roadblock. If they had aced the leg, would that have been karma?

After further thought, and seeing the preview for next week, I have to agree with jayjay about Nate cussing out Jen. At this point, though, I think she should cuss him out once or twice on the aired footage. (Which is to say, maybe she already has and we weren’t shown her doing so.)

Meltdowns, meltdowns, meltdowns everywhere.

Pity that the bus missed. Still, they are gone and life is good. I really disliked the blondes.

Grandpa and junior seem to attract a lot of bad karma. Double that on airports. The Air France lady screwed them over just for kicks. Junior seems to be a bit of a jerk to clerical staff, though. Not a good way to run through this race.

“Bitch”. Wow, dude. Nice way to let it all out. Just dump that witch and fly home. She’s got nothing for you but trouble.

Looks like next week will be one of high drama.

Note to self -

Find a way to go to a Lithuanian Midsummer Festival next year.

Every week that Jen’s still in this is going to be a week of high drama. That woman’s sense of entitlement is awe-inspiring.

Second that. That looks like wicked fun.

Anyone notice Kaeyount’s deciding that speaking in a British accent would get him further in Vilnius? I wonder about the playing dressup and the feel like thy fit in - I thought the didn’t want to fit in, that’s why they were Gahths. I think Christine has the patience of a saint. Or has been beaten so many times she can’t say a word against her father for fear of reprisals. The blondes found that looking pretty doesn’t actually move them ahead in the race. The grandson finally found a task he was good at - counting.


Thoughts on this episode…

  1. Lithuania has some good looking women.

  2. Grandpa is awesome, but Grandson is kind of a jackass. I’m so conflicted on if I should root for them or not.

  3. The goths are not as terrible as I thought they would be. Although I still stand by my thought that Kent is only a goth because it’s the only way Vixen would give him the time of day.

3a. On that note, my wife is convinced Kent is gay and just doesn’t know it yet.

  1. Ronald looks in serious pain all the time. If there is Race Karma, it’s doing a number on him for chewing out Christine.

  2. I’m amazed that this far into the race there is no dominant team. I like that.

I cannot believe that we have gone five episodes in a row without a non-elimination leg. Surely there will be one next week, right?

I was very afraid tonight was going to be one. I kind of like the taller blonde, but the shorter one I can’t stand. I’m more than happy to see her go back and pretend to be Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend.

“Bitch”? No. I am a bitch. Jen is a complete idiot spaz.

I’m rooting for the Goths and TK&Rachel.

Azaria seems as much of a jerk as Ronald. I’d like a Christina and Hendekea team.

Actually, unless something’s changed, non-elimination legs have been eliminated this year.

I’d be surprised if we didn’t get some two-part episodes, though.