Amazing Race 5/10 - "I Think This Monkey Likes Me"

OK, I’m double-checking everything this time, so I don’t have any idiotic screwups like I did last week. The date is correct. The title is correct. No other threads yet. I’m not going to include any info from Yahoo! TV because I think the title of this week’s episode is awesome and potenitally spoiler-y enough and I don’t want to wreck anything.

Instead, I’m going to just quote Wee Carissa Gaghan, from her column about last week’s episode, because, seriously? This girl is awesome:

I read that last bit and actually laughed out loud. She is such an old soul, and so incredibly awesome. I miss her.

Anyway … monkeys this week! Mooooonnnnnkeeeeeeeys! I love monkeys! And Phil! And exclamation points!

I hate to harsh your buzz, rockle, but I can’t believe Wee Carissa is actually writing that; it’s too good for a … what…8-year-old?

I’m sure BJ can pick up a pair of flip-flops at the airport, with his begging proceeds.

Well, crap. Due to Real Life, I will be missing both this and Lost. I’ll have to tape 'em and watch them later. I might be home in time for Lost, but I have to make some food for our Mom’s Brunch at work, so I’ll have it on in the kitchen as I work, but with just one eye and ear on it.

The obssessive-compulsive part of me has already checked the VCRs twice; I’ll check them again at least twice more before I leave the house.

Topic… MONKEYS! Should be very cool. I think Monica’s going to freak out over them; everyone else will think they’re cute and funny and neat. We did see her in previews flipping out over breaking pots.

I hope BJ can score some shoes or sandals somewhere.

Monkeysmonkeysmonkeysmonkeysmonkeys. Nobody doesn’t love monkeys.

Except maybe Jungle Judd.

Anyhoo, I hope BJ can find himself some shoes. And I hope Monica has a nervous breakdown right in the middle of a Bangkok street while monkeys pull her hair out.

Yes, I’m mean.

Going back to last week’s taxi cancelling for a moment, does anyone think that Joseph was involved? The Wiki section on last week’s leg has been edited and re-edited about a million times (several hundred thousand of them, including the currently standing edit, by me) going back and forth on it. First it was something like “Eric/Jeremy and Joseph/Monica didn’t get a penaly for cancelling the cabs.” I took out the references to MoJo. Then it got changed to something like “Eric/Jeremy and Joseph cancelled the cabs.” The editor put in a comment to the effect of “the tape proves Joseph was involved!” So I watched the tape, and no it doesn’t, so I changed the article to something like “Joseph was standing near them but nothing on-camera shows Joseph taking affirmative action to cancel the cabs.” Which got changed again to say that Joseph was standing “with” them and said “‘this will give us a jump,’ which demonstrates affirmative action taken by Joseph to cancel them.” And now it stands at my last edit, which was to say that Joseph was with them and said the jump thing, but nothing about what that proves or doesn’t prove.

So, he said long-windedly, obviously I don’t think Jospeh was involved. What do y’all think?

And, um, Yay monkeys!

My first thought was that Joseph was involved, but I think that’s only because I can’t tell Joseph, Eric or Jeremy apart.

I’m sure she has an editor, but I believe it because my nearly-8-year-old son speaks just like that.

Oh, as for the title line, I can’t even begine to guess who says it: BJ or Tyler, maybe Ray or Yolanda or one of the Frats.
Definitely not Whine-ica.

I’m nearly positive someone is getting extra-special ‘attention’ (read: getting humped) from one of the monkeys when it is said.
Yay Monkeys! Can’t ever have enough monkeys.

I think Joseph definitely knew what was going on, but from what we’ve seen, he wasn’t actively involved. As far as it was edited, it wasn’t his idea, he didn’t egg them on, but he sure as hell took advantage of knowing it was going down.

Otto, I think I would say that Joseph committed a sin of omission, not of commission. He didn’t take an active role in the cancellation of the cabs; but he was perfectly fine with letting the other teams get screwed for his benefit. I don’t think he deserves as much blame, or time penalty, as E&J should get. So I’m mostly on your side.

Heheheheheh. Jungle Judd may be many things, but a monkeyship ain’t one of 'em. And no, that will never, ever get old.

According to the CBS website, she was 9 when the show aired, so she may be 10 by now. It’s possible that you’re right, though. However …

When I was in the 4th grade, I got a week’s detention when I got caught with a Jackie Collins book in school. In Catholic school. Poor Sr. Patrick didn’t know what to do with me. So I believe that Wee Carissa and I are kindred spirits in our precociousness.

Because it bears repeating one more time …


Hurray! Hurray! No more whiny whiny Monica!

She might have a parent fixing her spelling and grammar, but the tone sounds spot-on for a kid her age. (“Sissy pants”…LOL!!)

I hope E/J get a belated penalty for last week’s incident, but I’m not counting on it…and I have an uneasy feeling that tonight will be the final Hippie Episode. Judging by previous seasons, the “Class Clown” team almost always ranks 4th. :frowning:

Cool. I’ve been some of the places in this episode. I saw the monkeys getting fed in Lopburi. The pitstop looked familiar, but there are a lot of places in Bangkok that look much like that so I’m not sure if it’s where I think I’m remembering.

Holy cannoli, you guys … those monkeys jumping all over the Clue Box at the Sacred Monkey Temple were absolutely the most adorable things I have ever seen, ever. And I raised baby birdies in my hanging fuschia basket last year.

BTW: Sacred Monkey Temple? Band name.

And even though I have BJ & Tyler and Eric & Jeremy on my Fox Reality Fantasy Team, I still want Ray & Yolanda to win. They’ve actually gotten cooler as the Race has gone on, instead of getting stupider and more annoying. They’re kind of like Chip & Kim, only less doughy. And somewhere along the way, when I wasn’t paying attention, Ray turned capital-H-hot on me – he’s my new Boyfriend!

Welcome to the party! Sorry you’re late. I’ve been eyeing that booteeeeee since about Italy, I think…

Oh, and… clears throat

Ding-dong! The Bitch is gone!
Which old bitch? The blondie bitch!
Ding-dong, the wicked bitch is gone!

Well, you always have been a trendsetter. It’s why you’re a personal hero of mine, you know. That, and your snarky charm.

Carrying those pots was the hardest thing that Monica had ever done.

But now Joseph wants to have a family with her.

Jeez O’ Pete, can you imagine her in labor? This is the worst contraction I have ever had. THIS is the worst contraction I’ve ever had. Oh, man, no,* this** is the worst contraction I’ve ever had…*