Amazing Race Mar. 21, 2010 Expect Delay from B-Ball

It looks like the later games of the NCAA B-Ball tournament will not be over until at least 7:15 pm edt. Adjust DVR times accordingly. It could happen next week as well.

I hope the cute daughter and her father get some screentime this week, as they seem (from the very little bit of time that they have been featured) like good people and overall very savvy Racers. (not to belabor the fact that the daughter is easily the best looking contestant on the Race)

The cops are sure to take a hardcore tumble; they just don’t seem to me like they have the stamina for the long haul, despite their occupation. (frankly neither one seems in good enough physical shape to be a beat cop, let alone an Amazing Race winner)

Thanks for the reminder – I just turned on the TV expecting 60 Minutes and all I see is March Madness :confused:

Looks like 60 minutes is still on so at least 30-40 minutes late. Which is good since we had to put the kids down.

I love TAR too, but that seems a little extreme. :eek:

Anyone else sick of the AR constantly describing various tasks as “rappelling” when all the contestants need to do is be lowered by ropes like a sacks of flour…

I realise they can’t expect these racers to be expert mountaineers, but there in NO skill at all involved in the Amazing Race’s version of a rappel.

Okay, the mime made me Laugh Out Loud.

For someone who is SO offended when others have made fun of her (lack of) intelligence, Catie is really damn quick to call everyone else around her stupid.

“Little Miss Entitled Bitch” may be a fitting pagent for her to try her luck out on next time…

There is about a metric ton of passive-aggressive in the Caite/Branden relationship. On both sides. But her especially.

I’m really enjoying this season, none of the teams are so terrible that I’m pissed they’re still around and the cops, the cowboys and the father/daughter are all pretty awesome.

I dislike the lesbians, but they’re pretty decent villains and both model teams are so dumb it’s only a matter of time before the other ones go too.

I loved that both the dim-witted blondes thought that Joan of Arc gathered up the animals (although only one of them made it expressly clear).

Caite was going to prove to us that she was not as stupid as her pageant video suggested. Unfortunately all that she’s proven is that she is really that stupid, but also nasty to boot.

Jordan may have been dumber, but at least she seemed kind-hearted.

Record number of Amazing Bad Directions tonight? Looked like a sizable spread between the cops and the 2nd to last team, but that’ll get wiped clean next week, no doubt.

It didn’t look to me like they were being lowered. They had help getting down into the hole, but after that the rope was just hanging and they had to regulate their own speed during the descent. I don’t know if that makes it much harder, but I think they were more than just human pinatas.

A bit more misdirection from the Amazing Editors. It looked like Jordan & Jeff got to the Detour just after Brent & Caite’s tower collapsed. I figured J&J would take a look at the debris, figure it was harder than it looked, and go looking for grapes. Either they cleaned up the glass lickety split, or there was more time than it appeared.

So, what’s the right choice there? I think if you know you’re racing for last place, and you see another team doing the needle-in-a-haystack task, you start doing it too. And go to the far end, or at least leapfrog past the other team so you’re searching in an area where they haven’t already looked. It’s 50-50 who finds it first, and that’s about the best odds Jordan & Jeff could have hoped for at that point.

Motherf@ck! I go to watch it on Tivo about an hour ago and I see 60 Minutes. Dangnabit!

I am not certain, but it sure looked like to me that they were just being lowered down under the control of the old guy in harness with them (one Racer said he looked like Santa Claus) and had no part in any decisions on how fast or slow to go…

As far as Jeff and Jordan, decision making is not seemingly a strong suit of theirs, but they seem like nice enough kids, and kept a good attitude the whole time.

Jordan: He gathered…
Jeff: SHE.
Jordan: He carried the animals, right?
Jeff: SHE. That was Noah.
(both start laughing)
Jeff: I wonder why we’re in last?

hehheh, love those two. So glad they went out on a more positive note than last week. The best part of that exchange is right after Jeff pointed out it was Noah, Jordan started to say “Oh. Please don’t…” as if she had any prayer of Jeff just dropping it. Then she gave in and started laughing with him.

Kudos again to TAR for making yet another racing leg. No artifical bunching points, no racers being at the mercy of cabdrivers; the entire leg was a single shot with the racers being in complete control the whole time. Even better, this leg didn’t have an impossible task. But because this leg was another legitimate racing leg, I have to retract my “FIX!” complaint from last week. This leg in no way favored team Big Brother; quite the opposite, as it turned out.

“They don’t speak English very well here,” says one of the brothers.

Not unusual, since they’re in FRANCE…

What a doofus.

I thought the other person was a cameraman, or was there to catch the racers if they went too fast, but you may be right.

Sometimes I think legs like this act as anti-bunching points. When the leading team gets to the champagne cellar, there are seven bottles and they only have to find one. For the last team, there’s only one marked bottle left. Ditto at the vinyard. The trailing teams have a more difficult task, and will probably take longer. The front-running teams get to increase their lead over the trailers.

You’re right about the grapes, but I think there was only one marked bottle for each racer. I think a PA put the mark on the (predetermined) bottle for each racer while they were preparing to repel down. Otherwise we’d have seen a steady progression of finding marked bottles from the front to the back, but that wasn’t the case.

EDIT: PA = Production Assistant

EDIT 2: It was also weird that the smart play of going to the tourist center right at the Noah’s Ark statue ended up being a penalty when that desk clerk sent every team in the wrong direction. The cops just got in their car and started driving, eventually stopping at a random hotel to ask for directions. They ended up being the only ones to get good directions even though everyone else played it smarter. Not a fan of that, but not a huge deal.

That’s not the impression I got while watching. I just thought there were multiple passageways down in the cellar, so I couldn’t really tell how deep the later teams had to search.

If you’re right, I hope they got all the special bottles out when it was over. I’d hate to be chopping the top off a champagne bottle and have an Amazing Race clue shoot out and fall down someone’s cleavage, or something.

Speaking of which, how far in advance did they have to plan this? I’m pretty sure champagne ferments in the bottle. Wouldn’t they have had to put those clues in at least a year in advance for the champagne to be ready?

No, the statue clue was a cork with a clue to the Roadblock (the champagne cellar) in Épernay. I think the tourist office got that one right. It was after the Roadblock that most of the teams got misdirected back to Reims.