Amazing Race March 27, Spoilers ***Delays Probable***

Make necessary adjustments to DVR recording

Just like last week, the (UNC/UK) Basketball game will probably go over.

Was that Snapple?

Mallory’s enthusiasm is awesome. Almost everyone freaks out over the crowds in India, and she’s skipping through the crowd talking about how much she already loves it.

I feel bad for Luke. That tea Roadblock was a million times harder than Chekhov. He really gutted it out there and I feel sorry for him that it was for nothing. That having been said, other than Ron and Christina, they’re my least favorite team, so I’m not too broken up over it.

Loved it. After futzing around for Og knows how long trying to figure out what the bottle of tea MEANS as a clue, Jen & Kisha finally open it and one of them immediately screams “SHUT THE F-”! The funny thing is that the editors left enough in to make it clear what she was yelling, too.

i loved that!

My kids were all, “What was she saying??” and I immediately answered, “Shut the front door!”

I thought it was sweet as anything how those guys at the Roadblock cheered Luke on. It made me teary.

Did they just not show Kisha and Jen finding the tea stall? I was positive they had skipped a step and would have to go back.

I also felt terrible for Flight Time and Big Easy when none of the cab drivers would pick them up.

Good ol’ Kynt had a couple of WTF? one-liners tonight.

“I bring to you mango, and I bring to you papaya.”

“The statue was pretty in pink, just like Vyxsin and I”

Also, Luke is fucking useless, and should have never been allowed back on Amazing Race a second time. (That said, my heart goes out to poor Margie, who seems like one of the most all-around decent people on the Race.)

And immediately after, Flight Time drops his fruit in the basket saying something like “Yo!”

I agree. What a freakin’ baby! It’s bad enough that he kept going to his mommy and sobbing during the tea task, but what really made me mad was when they arrived at the pit stop and he just sat down at the mat. Hey Luke: Act like a grown up and a good sport when you lose. Stand up and look Phil in the eye while he delivers the bad news. But I guess it is appropriate that you went out acting just like you did during the race–an immature little crybaby. Good riddance.

On the other hand you have Mallory–whom I admit I find kind of annoying sometimes. But she has a great attitude and she doesn’t give up and she and her dad are running a good race. If she keeps it up, I might have to start rooting for her.

Lots of good inter (intra?) team bonding this episode. The little prank they pulled at the opening hours bunching point, “Run, Run, Run!”, cheering each other on at the tea-drinking challenge, and meeting Phil at the mat en masse.

Love seeing that stuff.

Luke is a big whiny baby. That being said, the group cheering him on was very sweet. And that tea challenge would probably have done me in. I hate tea.

I also loved seeing the inter-team interaction. I wish they’d show more of it.


Having three teams show up at the mat at the same time (2nd 3rd and 4th) got me to wondering if there has ever been a situation where two teams showed up dead last at the same time? What would they do? I can’t imagine they’d eliminate a team for being half a second behind another team.

Well, they didn’t get there at the exact same time. That happened in the season with the hippies. Three teams got there at nearly the same time, but the hippies were just a few steps short. They only got saved because it was a non-elimination round.

I loved the teams that got to the gate early faking out the later teams, yelling at them to hurry and “sign up” somewhere. Especially since the faked out teams took it with such good spirit.

Didn’t the Globe Trotter and the deaf kid understand that it was a taste test? They just seemed to be randomly picking bowls of tea. If they had smelled and payed attention to the taste, like the other teams, they’d have finished quicker.

That had to be the most obnoxious product placement ever. It was funny to look at the winners’ faces as Phil shilled for Snapple, knowing that, “We don’t give a shit, Phil” was running in a loop in their heads.


Exactly this.

I’m so glad he and his crazy mom are gone. Get rid of Ron and Christina and I’ll have a set of teams where there’s no-one I actually hate for the final three.

Well it’s possible they really just didn’t remember what the tea tasted like. They tried it once, then flew to India, and then waited overnight until 10 in the morning. Flight Time had the right idea of “I have no idea what I’m looking for, so I’m not just gonna walk around aimlessly staring at the tea.”

I believe the exact quote was “Here you go, homie.”

The 'Trotters fake-out on Mallory at the gate bunch was pretty delightful, too. I like them bunches.

You’re right. I just couldn’t remember. :slight_smile:

A dark part of me wonders what it would be like if abusive, asshole father Ron was whiny, crybaby Luke’s dad…:eek: