Amazing Race [Oct. 17, 2010] ***Spoilers***

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Off to the Arctic circle!!!
Great editing at the beginning. Stephanie says the only Swedish words she knows are Dumb Boy and Dumb Girl. Then they switch to Team Tattoopid getting their initial clue.

Always (not necessarily take) look for a quicker flight.

Pretty lame speed bump, set on a block of ice for ten minutes. If I was Kevin, I would have taken my shirt off and then sit on the ice. Those running shorts probably didn’t have a lot material.

The Sledding task looked like fun.

I’d have had to do the sledding five times, if it were even possible for me to do it in under 1:58. The minute Phil described the tasks, I said to supervenusfreak, “We’d set up the tent.”

It did. I was surprised how much trouble some of the teams had with it.

It was looking like Chad & Stephanie were on the way out, for which I would not have shed a tear. To be fair to Chad, Stephanie strikes me as rather fragile. Crying won’t get you to the Pit Stop any faster, or make him any less of an asshole.

The Speed Bump was one of the biggest throw-aways I have ever seen on the Amazing Race, but as I quite like the father/son team, I guess it worked out pretty well.

(and I am not sure if I heard this correctly, but I thought that one of the Volleyball Girls said she was excited to be headed to Sweden, in part because she knows how to say “dumb girl” in Romanian :p)

I think she said “I know how to say ‘dumb boy’, ‘dumb girl’ and ‘dumb Romanian’ in Swedish.”

Idiot guy to cabbie: We’re going to the Arctic Circle.
Idiot girl: That’s our final destination. We’re going to the airport.
Idiot guy: Oh.

Sucks for the choir boys to be eliminated on their graduation day, but I won’t miss them. Their big mistake was not checking for that earlier connecting flight at the beginning, when they were the first team at the airport.

The daughter on the father/daughter team is really annoying. I hope they get Philiminated next.

Munch - According to the Closed Captioning, she said “I know how to say “dumb boy”, 'dumb girl” and “dumb monkey” in Romanian".

MPB - That speedbumb was similar to the speed bump a couple seasons ago when the team had to sit in a hot sauna for a certain length of time. Complete gimme.

I didn’t like Team Gleek singing at every turn, even though they did it well. I know I wasn’t the only person disappointed that when they painted the school they didn’t come face-to-face with the key to the word search puzzle. I wonder if they did the school project because of the flight delays - they mentioned they had to book the teams all on the same flight because flights had been canceled. I bet the flight delays were because of the volcano eruption.


Yep, that was Team Tattoopid.

I don’t understand why Stephanie found sledding so scary. There have been so many challenges over the years that were more frightening. I would have had to do it many times, but I wouldn’t have been scared.

I almost forgot about that part. Damn, I wanted to see them try to drive to Sweden.

So, has anybody got a handle on this season yet? Seems like it’s been all over the map. (Sorry.) Last week’s winner is this week’s Philiminated. The Wikipedia page shows the results so far and nobody really looks to have an inside track to the final three.

Gary & Mallory have two 2nd’s in a row. Maybe they just needed a little time to hit their stride. Except they were helped this leg by Michael & Kevin alerting them to the earlier flight.

Nick & Vicki have been consistently weakest so far. Their best finish has been 5th. The sledding task may have been the only thing that saved their bacon.

I’m glad I’m not doing the Taxi Assessment.

Different people have different phobias. Remember that water slide a few seasons ago.

That said, nobody twisted her arm to be there in the first place.

I don’t think I’ve watched a full episode yet this season. Not a whole lot of interesting things going on. Though the dog sledding was pretty cool.

Google Dartmouth Graduation day, and it was June 12th. So I guess they were at 24 hour daylight in the Arctic Circle.

My mother would have disowned if I skipped my college graduation, although I tried. 25+ yrs later, I am really glad that I was there, mostly because it pleased my mother so much. But for other reasons as well.

I liked how culturally relevant the tasks were, at least.

I’m also thrilled to see the singers – or as Joel McHale called them, “pussies” – eliminated. Only a crying girl was worse than them on the sleds. Sack up!

There sure are a lot of all-girl teams, and the only all-guy team was a couple of…singers. I’m starting to buy into the idea that the producers desperately want an all-girl win, so much so that they’ve nerfed the challenges.

What’s the most difficult challenge so far? Anything on par with crossing the high-wire from the first episode last season? Seems to me the most hardcore challenge has been the bit where you had to cross the river in that little itty-bitty boat, but only if you’re a big dude. Small women were at a nice advantage for that one.

It was good to see the doctors have a good leg for once. And that even with Kat crashing off the course and getting stuck. Solid recovery on that. Was it me or did they look this close to kissing each other when they arrived?

Jill & Thomas just blew their pass. With a one-at-a-time course or an area where all the teams are around you doing the same task, the didn’t need to use it this early.

Gary & Mallory are doing exactly what they need to to stay out of last place. Not pushing too hard to get first in the early legs might end up helping them.

And if memory serves, that speed bump was in Finland. Scandinavia == Easy Speed Bumps. :slight_smile: That was another father son team too, as I recall. This team seems very sharp, so long as the tasks aren’t too physical in nature. Going to be interesting to see if they can get some momentum going and stay up top or if they’re going to fall back towards the elimination zone in the episodes ahead.

Were the cameramen on ATVs for the dogsled race? I thought I saw one. (I want one myself, but we don’t really have anyplace to ride them in suburban Connecticut.)

I thought they went to Princeton?

Oh my Gleeks :frowning:

As somebody said upthread, between not being fast enough to find the earlier flight and the whole sled debacle, I was still rooting for them, knowing full and well that if they didn’t come in last, they would have been by a hair like the volleyball players.

I loved the dog sled task! There’s a group in a nearby state that puts on exhibitions at various places during the spring and fall using those kinds of sleds. We went to one last spring…if we lived closer to them, we’d definitely get our malamute involved!

I’m not sure I would have done the downhill sled task :eek: I recall a couple of them saying the track was quite icy, which would explain why chose the 1 mph method.

They did :nodding: They’ve said it in passing a few times.