Amazing Race Season Debut - Delays?

CBS does not have the football doubleheader today but if your CBS affiliate is covering the Rams or the Ravens, you might get delayed because it is the late game.

Paging Zut! We need a pre-race assessment! I saw a promo that some former Survivor Winners are in the race.

There’s a few late games on CBS.
On this first map here, everyone in red, green, and orange should prepare for delays.

This crops up every season for the amazing race. It still baffles me that a game with a one hour time limit can take over three hours to play, and that the networks can’t seem to keep football within the programming schedule.

I know there are not many of us, but some of us find football unappealing.

You probably know this - but it’s not really a time limit. Since the clock doesn’t run all the time, it only has a moderate effect on the length of a game. And, of course, the networks themselves stop the game clock at times so they can sell us more beer. Football sells a lot more beer than a race around the world.

Also, of course, the last time a network decided to not let football interfere with other programming, NBC got their heads handed to them over a small, blonde girl with pig-tails.

Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca are in the race this year. Ethan won Africa and Jenna won Amazon. He was supposed to be on Fans vs Favorites but was battling cancer at the time. I’m looking forward to this, Ethan was one of my favorite Survivor contestants.

It is more about the fact that 60 Minutes is so highly rated they refuse to preempt or truncate it.

BTW in NY/NJ area the Jets are a late game so The Race will be late.

I do know this. I think the Heidi decision was the correct one. Why should the networks be held hostage by the NFL? The allotted time for the broadcast of the game that will likely delay the network scheduling tonight is three hours. That should be plenty of time to play a game with four fifteen minute quarters.

Why does football take precedence over the rest of the programming?

The game moves so slowly. There seems to be forty five seconds to a minute of action, after which the clock is stopped while the players all stand around for five minutes or so, and then another minute of action.


I can understand the west Coast games being late, but I see no reason why the Ravens @ Rams is a late game today. Fox has the double header with their feature late game being the Packers @ Bears.

IMO, it doesn’t take precedence, as it doesn’t preempt it, it just postpones it.

Do you think CBS is making decisions that ticks off viewers because they lose money by doing so?

:looks at map:

Oh thank god, I’m in the clear!!!

Pure conjecture, but if any network preempted the fourth quarter of a football game in favor of a scheduled network program, I think there would be many, many, many, many, many MANY pissed off football fans. Not a good thing if the network gets most of their advertising revenues from nationally televised football…

Meanwhile the rest of us will gnash our teeth waiting…

It’s happened before. It won’t happen again.

Because it makes more money for the networks.

The only thing that’s important to the networks is “what programming will allow us to sell the most (and highest cost) advertising?”. The answer to that question, on a Sunday afternoon/evening anyway, is “football”.


I’m looking forward to this season, but I’m afraid I’ll have to bow out of doing an assessment this time around–not just the pre-season, but for the rest of the episodes, too. Real life has reared its head in such a way that I’m unlikely to see any of the episodes until some time after they air, and I probably won’t have the time to devote to a good assessment. (The “real life” thing is somewhat travel-related, actually; I might actually post a thread about it in a bit.)

If someone would like to take over the assesment duties, I’d be much obliged.

Sorry :frowning:

As I wrote above, it is not the NFL that is the issue. CBS could do what Fox does and basically account for the overrun in their scheduling but the problem is they have a hit show at 7 pm on Sundays and they don’t want to mess with it.

If people want to debate the pros and cons of the relationship between CBS and the NFL and its impact on the TV schedule in general, please start a new thread; this forum would be fine.

If people want to debate whether football is or is not the most boring game imaginable, do it in the Game Room.

This thread is about the debut of The Amazing Race, so please keep the discussion on that topic.


[TAR fan]No zut assessments this season? :eek: [/TAR fan]

My apologies to all

Honestly, given the subject I thought this thread was specifically about whether the episode would be delayed and a new thread would start about the episode…if I did wrong I apologize.

Holy crap, I never heard of that before!

…which goes to prove that yes, you do learn a lot from reading the Dope, even if you’re an old-timer like me :smiley:

Oh nooooo…Zut, you can’t leave us in the lurch!

However, maybe a few of us would be willing to take turns? By now we all know how the Taxi Assessment works…

I’d be able to do a few, but I can’t be held to every week. There’s that thing called working in the early AM, y’know?

Ok, what was up with the first challenge? Did they have to figure out where they were going or just find the right umbrella? I didn’t hear any team tell Phil where they were supposed to be going, just find the umbrella. I can say that I would never be able to figure out the right place, I suck at word problems.