is having major server issues

As a third-party seller, I wondered what was going on when my “Seller Central” page didn’t match up with my e-mails, where I get notifications of sales. Turns out there’s a major server outage that’s also affecting their streaming services, so if you use anything on Amazon and hit a roadblock, come back in a few hours and try it again.

I didn’t pit it because it doesn’t appear to be anyone’s fault. Some people are suggesting that they’re blocking 3p sellers so they can divert people to their own warehouses, but I disagree. Why would they cut into their own commissions, anyway?

Amazon Web Services has been suffering issues all day – it’s affecting not only, but any company that uses their servers.

It doesn’t seem likely to be an intentional thing on Amazon’s part.

The reddit forum for employees has posts about the outages, they’re affecting internal operations as well.

Thanks for the heads up.

At least from my perspective, it’s been resolved.

Some people have wondered if it’s because people wanted to get a leg up on Black Friday ordering, and the servers crashed, but I don’t think so.

A friend of mine is a senior code developer for a shipping logistics company. I spoke with him this morning; he said that he was dealing with a number of their big clients yesterday, who use AWS for their web systems, who were having major problems.