Amazon Free Shipping: Is This Common?

I don’t do a lot of business with (rant available upon request, but has no bearing on their shipping policies). However, on the 17th of January, I was coaxed into buying something from them, as they were featuring a slow cooker I’d been jonesing for, at $20.00 less than I could find it elsewhere.

I was pleased when my checkout process notified me that I qualified for free “Super Saver” shipping, which, according to the fine print, is 8-10 business days or I could pay an extra $10.00 and get it in 3-5 business days. Well, hey, who doesn’t like free stuff, right?

BUT tomorrow makes ten business days, and according to my account on their website, the slow cooker has not yet shipped, which means not only will I not get it in 10 business days, I might not get it for. . .well, who knows how long? Unless I use that handy little button they have that allows me to give them more $$ and get them to actually ship the freakin’ thing.

So, frequent Amazon users, how common is this? Any idea when I might be expecting to actually receive something I’ve already ordered and paid for?

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Prior to joining Amazon Prime, I used to use the Super Saving shipping all the time. Sometimes, it took forever. Sometimes, I’d get it in a couple of days.

Yeah, ten business days strikes me as being a long time, but not so long that I’d be anything other than mildly annoyed by it. I don’t think you’re dealing with anything particularly unusual.

I’ve never had any order from Amazon take longer than the top end of the estimated delivery range, and it’s usually quicker than the bottom end. That is, if it lists it as delivery within 8-10 days, it’s never more than 10 days, and usually less than 8. That said, though, I mostly just use Amazon for books, and it’s possible that things are different for other products.

I buy a lot from amazon, and it almost always arrives when they say it will. Yes it seems to take a while, but the shipping is free and if it’s something I need in a hurry I don’t buy it from amazon. I bought something Friday night and received notice that it was shipped today. I hope so!

I’ve always used Free Shipping and always received the items within the time limit.

Can you clarify “Sometimes it took forever”? Are we talking another week? Another month? What?
I was so sure I was going to have that cooker tomorrow that I’ve actually planned some of this week’s dinners around it. Now, I realize that’s no one’s damned problem but mine, counting the chickens before they’re hatched and all. Still, annoying. Add to that annoyance that my 11YO daughter is just starting to get into cooking, and I’ve talked her up on the slow cooker, telling her how awesomely easy they are to use, etc. Again, my own damned fault and my own damned problem. Doesn’t stop me from being annoyed at Amazon. :wink:

I’ve always used free shipping with Amazon if I could. Probably about two dozen times and never had a problem.

I usually go for free shipping, and usually get stuff within a week or so. It’s never gotten to the “where the hell is my stuff” stage with them.

I think you are misinterpreting what is happening.

The item has not yet shipped, ergo, the shipping method you chose makes no difference. You could have paid $25 for instantaneous overnight FedEx delivery, and your crock pot would still be sitting in the warehouse right now.

When you look on the item’s Amazon page, it should say “Ships in 24 hours” or “Ships in 1-3 weeks.” Again, these times have zero to do with the shipping method.

The problem is that your crock pot is either not in stock or is shipping from a third-party (not Amazon). Can you give us a link? It might help.

Here is a link:

It clearly says it is stocked and shipped by, and is IN STOCK. So, I dunno. Maybe it will be at the post office tomorrow, in spite of the fact I’ve not received shipping notification. Maybe the winter storm that has plagued much of the country has delayed shipping.

Guess we’ll have to wait on tenterhooks. . .until we find out what ‘tenterhooks’ are.*

*I’m making an obscure Dave Barry reference here. Don’t worry about it. :slight_smile:

This was my experience too. I had items that took 4 weeks just to ship, let alone arrive. I joined Amazon prime and almost everything comes in two days.

Well, I just took a look at Amazon Prime, and given that it costs $79.00/yr and I order, at most two items a year from them (unless you count what I order from now that Amazon bought them out), it really isn’t worth it. I’ll just wait. :slight_smile:

But thanks for the info!

Yeah, I wasn’t trying to push Prime. :slight_smile: I buy almost everything off of Amazon these days, so it makes sense for me. Of course, I’ve posted here recently about problems I’ve had with Amazon Prime, but I digress.

My experience has been like Khadaji’s. I’ve had (on a rare occasion) things take three weeks to a month before. I have a vague recollection of being pissed off once that something took 32 days from the day I ordered it. Again, that wasn’t the norm – I’d usually get items within a week.

It says at the top of the page, buy the 1 click button, that the item takes 1-2 extra days to process, meaning that there’s something about the stock situation that’s slowing things down. There’s no harm in emailing them to ask about it. You probably won’t hear anything until tomorrow though.

I’d love to email them and ask about it, but by all that’s holy, I cannot find a ‘contact us’ link on any relevant pages!

They hide it a bit. Click “Help” at the top or bottom of a page and you should see a Contact Us button under “Self Service” at right.

-VT, who hates paying the $80 but loves Amazon Prime

Not common at all in my experience; I’ve ordered frequently from Amazon and almost always choose free shipping. As others have said, my shipments usually arrive sooner than expected. What is also unusual is that you’ve apparently already been charged; Amazon doesn’t charge for items until they ship, so something definitely seems wonky with your order. I’d definitely contact them if I were you.

Me too. In fact, I just ordered a DVD player and got it in 2 days with free shipping.

It’s you, mostly.

Thanks for the info!

Well, to be fair, if you say they don’t usually charge until they ship, I can check with my bank and see if my card has been charged. I was assuming it had.

Maybe it’s my breath? :wink:

In my experience their deliver has always been very prompt. But a couple of weeks ago I ordered two books from them. One is “in transit,” and the other may not be delivered by April 19!!! Yes, I have canceled that order.